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petey 04-04-2011 12:14 AM

2012 378ts roads
i will be picking my motorhome up in may some time,after leaving dealership.i will go to reno then susanville, then weed california.this is highway this a good road.i have driven motorhomes before but not for 15 years.last rig was a 5th wheel trailer.still a little spookie ?

tncruiser 04-04-2011 08:51 AM

dont let it intimidate you and you will be fine the biggy is dont look at class a,s going the other thats when i realized OMG im that big too

kenandterry 04-04-2011 12:45 PM

Hey Petey!!!!!!
The roads are a LOT better than anything you drove on in a motorhome 15 years ago.........and if your last rig was a 5th wheeler, the total length was probably longer than what you're worrying about here.

Just relax, take your time, and enjoy the view. Remember, when you're in an RV, you're not supposed to be in a've got the wrong vehicle if you thought you'd be able to make time.


petey 04-04-2011 02:36 PM

378ts roads
thanks for the info. i will not be in a hurry to get home,i have a week off to enjoy this coach.we will stop in weed california 2 nights, 2 nights in canyonville oregon at casino, and then home,total of 575 miles. home town gresham oregon

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