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kenandterry 09-19-2016 02:48 PM

Almost new (<1500 miles) Goodyear tire
Only used once to get home from vacation, used less than 1500 miles.
Replaced all 6 of our tires when we got home because it was time, and I don't carry spares. Some people have space for a spare and carry one.

Goodyear G647 RSS tire size 245/70R19.5 Load Range G
Manufacture date 0816 (which means 8th week of 2016) so it's fresh!!!!!

Still has the "nubs of shame" if you know what I mean....that's those little whiskers on the sidewalks from the machine mouldings.

Tire is presently in Ontario Canada, but we're heading to Florida mid September and could possibly meet you enroute for delivery closer to you.

$100 for peace of mind?

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