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jdelp 09-26-2016 08:50 AM

Finally did it!
Well, after a few months of shopping, researching, and studying my wife and I pulled the trigger on a 2017 Puma 27RLSS. Had originally joined the site when contemplating and actually putting a deposit down on a hybrid. After some more research, we decided a TT was going to be the best fit for us. We are doing the walkthrough and picking it up on Oct 8th. We are buying from Walnut Ridge in New Castle Indiana, this being our first TT/Camper/etc. we have had a great experience working with our rep there, John Stout. We are NOT impulse buyers and ask A LOT of questions, John has been very patient, accommodating and has not pressured us in any way. I'm not sure of protocol here, if I should use names or not but I figure people use names/companies when there is a bad experience so I thought I would share our positive experience. I understand, most experiences are positive through the "courting and sales" portion of a deal, it's how they deliver post delivery that matters most and I will definitely keep updates on how that goes.

So, after that long....introduction here is my question. WR has offered an extended, exclusionary warranty through Preserve. The Elite plan seems very comprehensive with a $100 deductible per visit, not per part. The cost for a 5 year plan is around $1800 and the 6 year plan is $2000. I am just now starting my research and looking at other warranty companies, coverage, cost, etc. I would like any recommendations, suggestions. Now, I know extended warranties are money makers for the dealers and many RV/TT owners prefer not to purchase one and that is completely your choice. I generally agree with that when it comes to vehicles that I am familiar with and can fix myself, but this being our first foray into this area I feel it is a good investment for me...maybe I'll change my mind on our next go around but for now I am getting one, it's just a matter of from whom.

Again, sorry for the long rant, but I do appreciate any thoughts/suggestions.


BooBoo23 09-26-2016 12:05 PM

Your new RV will have a 1 year warranty from Forest River plus it will include 1 year road service from Coach-Net. You can purchase a 2nd year warranty from Forest River usually for $150, Coach-net not included the 2nd year. You may want to look at Good Sam (or Coach-net) road service for the 2nd + years. There should be a 2nd year warranty form in with all your trailer documents when you get it. If not you can either search for the form here on this forum or just do a google search for "Forest River 2nd year Warranty form". Most of your service issues will occur in the 1st year or so. I wouldn't consider any extended warranty plan until nearing the end of the 2 year of ownership. If you have a lot of problems with your RV then it might be good to look at a plan but if you are handy with repairs save your money.

jonwisconsin 09-26-2016 01:19 PM

I would not spend that kind of money, but that's me. The second year from FR is a bargain.

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