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bukhrn 11-28-2016 04:30 PM

Ceiling Replacement
I posted this under General Repair, & got many views, but no replies, on the advice of another member, I'll post it here to hopefully get some replies from someone that's actually done this, thanks swuebbels.
I've had the dreaded roof leak, the roof has been repaired, now i need to replace some of the ceiling.
I have the soft touch ceiling, when I started to remove it, it came of easily in some of the damaged areas, other places, the vinyl came off, leaving big areas of the foam backing firmly glued in place, I've tried scraping with a putty knife and a razor type scraper, both to no avail, is there some sort of chemical that will dissolve this foam rubber, or at least make it easier to remove. This is not the same type of foam rubber used as carpet backing.

skylilymd 01-09-2017 10:59 PM

I did it, i posted some pics in the large thread on here about roof leaks. It is pretty much terrible. I scraped most off with a metal putty knife then put on a mask and used a wire wheel on the drill to get the stubborn spots. I bought the 3m spray adhesive in the green can two cans. Make sure you wear mask and have windows open. I have to say that was by far the hardest part of the repair for the roof leak

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