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minattz 01-16-2017 01:39 AM

Solar panel
Has anyone put a solar panel on their TT yet? I would like to know which brand or where you place it if you mounted it on the roof. I am thinking about getting one to add to my tt. It's a 21rb and currently has one battery....Should I add another? Thanks.

leonards 01-18-2017 07:36 PM

When I bought my TT last year I immediately added a second battery connected them parallel to get 12v and it lasts several days depending on your usage. I added a battery disconnect switch and metal brackets to prevent theft. I also thought of solar panels since my TT came equipped with the connection ready. But figured if I'm going to be dry camping and would like to use appliances you need 125v. So instead I bought a Honda 2000 generator. You make your choice!

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