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Bentspoon 04-07-2017 01:35 AM

Help: Angled bottom bar - shades
I have a 1 yr old Coachmen Freelander 21RS. I have a problem with the shades that has always been there. I do not have night/day shades but simple pleated shades that are on strings. The strings are anchored and wound onto small circular devices with screws into the wall. It seems like a simple mechanism but I am having trouble correcting the issue. The blinds are functional, the problem is cosmetic Ė they look bad. They move up and down freely but firmly on the strings and they are fully functional. The problem; The bottom rail is at a constant angle. It is the same angle at the top of the window as it is when they are lowered fully. It just looks off. I have tried to simply correct it by force but it is stuck there tight. I am afraid I am going to snap those strings and I donít want to do that. I have not tried to adjust the lower anchors because I obviously donít understand the mechanism. I have seen all the youtube videos on replacing the strings but my string tension is fine. Anyone have experience with this?

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