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Kadiddle 04-26-2017 04:00 PM

Awning Not Working After Winter
After a long winter in the northeast US including a relocation of my primary residence, I finally had time today to start touching the FR3 to see what's working and what isn't after several months.

Tried to extend the awning and it doesn't move. I'm sure the power is on, power is sufficient, and the engine-on lockout is not active. My solution for separating the front LEDs from the awning LEDs on my 2015 FR3 30DS included tapping into the awning power. The LEDs work fine therefore the awning fuse is okay.

When I depress the awning in or out switch, I can hear a very faint click sound from the awning motor.

Looking for anyone that also may have had this problem, ideas for further investigation, and any ideas for dis-assembling the motor head while retracted.


Kadiddle 04-27-2017 05:38 PM

Problem resolved and thought I should share solution. Wow, no-one else just me.....

I received no manual with the motorhome regarding the awning so did some research on line and realized I have a manual override feature. Fortunately I had a picture of the awning label from an earlier problem as I currently couldn't get the awning out to see the label. Cranked the awning out manually several inches then tried the motor again and it worked. Thinking the motor happened to be in a dead spot position after the winter. After running it a few times, no more dead spots.


wayne and sherry 04-30-2017 12:41 PM

Wow that's great news eh

GIAKIN 04-30-2017 12:51 PM

Very good idea to give things a trial run after a few months of inactivity..Glad you found a solution!

bob caldwell 04-30-2017 01:06 PM

Had a brush stuck in motor....only one making contact...

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