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Lee Fielding 05-23-2011 05:14 PM

Touch Audio VD 400i
:( We have a Cherokee Park Model 39 feet long with a Touch Audio VD 400i system. I have figured out everything on the Touch Audio system except how to watch a DVD on it. I believe I have attached all the cables at the back of the television in the correct manner. We use a satellite for the television provider and are not having any difficulty with that. The TV is a 42 inch HD Sony which is four years old.

I have used the mode button on the Touch Audio and loaded the disc so that it is turning and counting off the minutes played but no picture or sound. The disc is in the right way.

There are two remotes (one for the satellite TV and one for the Touch Audio system. I pressed all the various combinations of CD/DVD buttons --- maybe I missed a combination???

Thanks for specific information on how to make a DVD play on the TV. What simple step am I missing?

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