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Kentucky Bob 06-25-2017 06:33 AM

FR3 32DS Poor MPG
Just finished a 6,000 mile trip from Kentucky to California & back. Towing a Honda CRV. Very crummy mpg. In our new 2017 FR3 32DS . Our new coach has the Ford V10 engine and the new 6 speed transmission.
This mpg is much less than my old Thor Hurricane 30F pulling the same car.

What are the mpg numbers others are getting. I was driving 60 mph & only getting 5.5 mpg .

My old 2005 Thor Hurricane 30F coach with the F53 chassis with the Ford V-10 engine & the 4 speed transmission would get 6.5-7.0 mpg on the same route & and the same driving speeds.

Carl17 06-25-2017 06:57 AM

My 2015 runs about the same in New York an Pa. But improves flat southern states have push all most ten. towing car running speed limit.

It seems to get better when iam not using cruise an tow haul.

Combatcoal 06-25-2017 08:17 AM

cruise stinks as any slight bump the thing kicks like a mule....
Bob, were you running gen or cab ac?

Kentucky Bob 06-25-2017 08:22 AM

Not running ac and still crummy mpg and only using cruise when on flat ground, as soon as I feel the engine rpm raising to keep up with the cruise setting, I turn off the cruise.

Combatcoal 06-25-2017 08:37 AM

then this doesnt make sense. your air filter should be clean as a whistle. tire pressure adequate? (not over inflated mind you). no generator running? recheck your math!

Kentucky Bob 06-25-2017 08:51 AM

Rechecked math over & pver , same results. Anyone else out there with a v10 with the new 6 speed transmission who can tell me their mpg with towing a small car like mine ?

MOstler 06-25-2017 12:09 PM

My 2017 30 DS was getting about 7.9-8 mpg with no toad. I just came back from a short (500 miles) mostly flat trip towing a 2011 ranger. I got 8.4 mpg!! Checked math. I was very surprised. I've been running about 89-90 psi and cruising at 60 mph

txredfish 06-25-2017 04:24 PM

I had a 2004 Newmar 35' Scotsdale with Chevy Workhorse 8.1L V8. I went on a trip from Louisville to AZ and up through Colorado pulling a Honda Accord. I got about 9 to 10 MPG on the whole trip. I drove on interstates doing about 65 mph. Much less in the mountains and state highways.

cameron4467 06-25-2017 05:44 PM

I also have a 2017 32 DS and got 8 miles to the gallon going from Syracuse to Indianapolis no tote under 1000 miles and the motorhome I thought 8 miles per gallon was good will be towing a 2015 impala the end of July from Syracuse to Saratoga New York hopefully will get about the same mileage

Vince and Charlette 06-25-2017 06:04 PM

Something doesn't add up. I have a 2015 GT 364 chipped V10 at 24k gross weight, 37.5' length, five speed transmission, towing a 5,000# Jeep Liberty and I get between 5.8 and 6.2 mpg. So, you have me beat in all areas, but you're still getting worse mpg. You've come to the right place for answers. I look forward to hearing the final solution through the wisdom of others on this forum.

Kentucky Bob 06-25-2017 07:21 PM

Sounds like the mpg I want .
What speed were you traveling at ?

Vince and Charlette 06-25-2017 08:29 PM

If you're referring to me, I drive 65 on the highways and stay within posted speed limits.

Kentucky Bob 06-25-2017 08:53 PM

Cameron 4467 ,

What speed are you driving ( with no car in tow) to get 8 mpg ?

Kentucky Bob 06-25-2017 09:16 PM


Originally Posted by Carl17 (Post 1544236)
My 2015 runs about the same in New York an Pa. But improves flat southern states have push all most ten. towing car running speed limit.

It seems to get better when iam not using cruise an tow haul.

Carl 17

Is yours a 32DS ?

SunSeeker 3050 06-25-2017 09:56 PM

We have a 2014 Sunseeker 3050S with the Ford V10 and have 13500 mi on it. My standard driving speed is between 55 and 65 depending on the traffic and its flow. I periodically tow a 2016 Jeep Compass (4 down)(less than 3000lbs). I always drive with empty grey and black tanks and a 1/3 tank of FW. I have the big foot leveling system, 1 AC system and a dometic 4 door fridge with a case of Alaska Amber beer in it. My bride of 50 years is always with me and maybe one grandkid. Not much other weight to mention. Front tires at 72psi and duals at 75 cold. My airbags are at 80 psi . No upgrades to the engine or running gear yet.
I obtain around 8.4mpg without the tow and 7.3 with the tow.
I was really unhappy until I saw some of the results shown in the earlier posts. Guess i don't have any reason to complain.

Combatcoal 06-25-2017 10:03 PM

you got Alaska Amber in your fridge......what you unhappy about!

Walholler 06-25-2017 11:15 PM

You want better fuel mileage, you should have bought a diesel. 2500HD, CCC, long bed, 4 X 4, towing a 32 ft. fiver average mpg is 14.3, not towing 18.5. Truck has an exhaust brake for those long 5 mile 7% grades, do not have to touch your brakes, engine holds it back.

waiter21 06-26-2017 06:42 AM

My 30 ft 2001 Mirada averages 8.2 (18,000lbs with toad)

My 35 ft 1999 Southwind averages 7.2 (23,000lbs with toad)

5.5 is not right. You should be getting at least 7. but if your getting 5.5, thats a 20% error.

How to account for that error? Could be one or combination of these:

  • Is the odometer correct
  • What speed do you drive at (keep below 65)
  • Look at your front tires to see if tire wear is abnormal.
  • Check front end toe adjustment
  • tire pressure, run it at 100 psi.
  • A misfire may not be obvious, but an OBDII scanner will show if you have one.
  • Rich running would also set a engine code.
  • Did you miss a fueling stop in your calculations

I track all my fuel and stops. Lowest I've seen is around 5, that was one leg into very strong headwinds and I wasn't able to get to 60 mph with the OD turned off and the gas pedal on the floor. or doing a long steep climb. But these numbers are for one leg only, not averaged over entire trip.

Highest I got was one leg in Texas where we had a very strong tailwind. got almost 11.

Combatcoal 06-26-2017 07:20 AM

running at 100 psi (cold labeled on tire) is a discussion all on its own.

Carl17 06-26-2017 07:22 AM

gas mileage
I have a 2015, 32 footer and tow a Chevy Equinox, no water in holding tanks. I stay at or below speed limits .

In hill areas ny pa 6 to 6.5 use cruse very little and no tow haul.
when we get to South Carolina It comes up to 7.5 to 8, but wind is a big factor and traffic.

there not much you can do to save gas with these beast .. oh and i use synthetic oil in engine.
Try not to ideal long no gen running when traveling . :thumbsup:
Tire pressure 100 psi all a round.

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