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Fritiz 05-20-2018 02:09 PM

Cummins Onan Generator LP 3600 W.
Problem starting the engine. I push the switch until the red light comes on. Then push to start, as it cranks it seem to have not enough battery power but when I push the throttle full as far as I can the cranking or motor turns with ease and it starts. Why full throttle to make crank easy? Anyone with the same problem? The plug and filter is OK.
Yes holding before starting 30 to 50 seconds is OK. But what I don't understand is holding the throttle fully open the motor cranks faster and easier? Why? If I don't do this full throttle open then it has a hard cranking or turning the motor with pinging sounds coming from the clutch? If I hold the switch down long enough without full throttle it kills my batteries.

JLeising 05-20-2018 02:24 PM

Never experienced that problem. However, on my LP3600, unless I've run it very recently, I find I have to hold the switch with the red LED lit for 30 to 50 seconds before cranking the generator engine (sometimes repeat this process if the generator doesn't start after cranking for 10 seconds or so).
Assume this flushes air from the line between the propane regulator and the generator. As the generator on my unit is on a separate propane regulator from the rest of the RV, I can't flush the air out of that line by lighting the stove (as I do before starting the refrigerator on propane).
Possibly, relating to your experience, could holding the throttle open allow the propane line to flush of air and get propane to the generator carb? (Guess at a possible explanation on my part.)

Truckinbutch 06-17-2018 09:47 PM

Remidied a starting problem on my generator by replacing rubber hose on atmospheric balance diaphragm . If that hose is blocked or missing you have problems .
Great little unit with just a couple picky points .

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