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photogame 06-12-2018 10:18 PM

Tow Vehicle Advice for a 1st Timer
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hi folks, well its been a week since the rockwood 2306 came to home. i traveled 7 hours from Ct. to Pa. to buy her. the ride back was an eyeopener to say the least. now i have towed boat and utility trailers all my life, pulling the 2306 was my first TT. Also probably the heaviest thing i have hauled.

So, the tow vehicle. 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, 4.7HO. The TT came with a Equalizer WDH. The Jeep is rated to haul 6500 lbs, the 2306 yellow tagged at 3750 lbs. The crew to enjoy these new adventures will be myself, wife, 11 yr. son & golden retriever.

I am looking for some input on Tow Vehicles, I am not stuck on the Jeep, so my eyes are open to some options. Now the TV will be my wife's car, not a daily commute, she works from home. There is the option of getting a larger SUV but most likely not a Pick up. From what i have read, the short wheel base of the Jeep is what is allowing me to get tossed around a bit while towing.

The Equalizer Hitch need to be adjusted also. As you can see by the photo, it will need to be adjusted for the Jeep.

So any ideas on SUV's that would be great to transition to down the line. It may be a bit , unless the Jeep starts to cost a bit on repairs on unseen items when i bought her. It is almost to the point where i might be throwing in the flag on her and look for a better condition vehicle.


SeaDog 06-13-2018 07:22 AM

Take look at the Ford expedition they get high marks for towing

jk70 06-13-2018 07:35 AM

Hi Photogame: I tow with the same setup as you, somewhat. I have a 2012 JGC but a 5.8L V8. Family of 4. My setup tows just fine. If you look at the link below you will see my real world numbers. Not trying to talk you into another Jeep as I am not a big fan of Chrysler in general but just letting you know.

I also have my vehicle temps when towing posted somewhere and they all come within parameters. I can't say my set up is a "don't know it's back there" situation but I have spent many miles with just one hand on the wheel. I never have a white knuckle experience. I actually feel the cars passing by more than I do the big 18 wheelers.

Aside from the Jeep V8 they make the diesel which is probably better for towing than my V8. Both are rated for 7200 lbs...but my gas mileage is terrible - 10-11 mpgs when towing.

Best of luck to you

Kaadk 06-13-2018 07:41 AM

While a larger SUV will tow it better, I'm not a fan of throwing money around before exhausting all options first. As you noted, your WDH needs to be adjusted. If this was you bringing it home from the dealer/seller then it was probably also empty. Which means you had a much lighter tongue weight then you can expect once it's loaded. I'd say load it up first, adjust the WDH so you're setup level, weight returned to the steer axle, etc... and then go out and try it. You might be able to make do until you can swing the larger tow vehicle you really desire.

Unless of course money is no object. But I've rarely met people where that is the case, especially those with kids. :D

MillMitch 06-13-2018 08:26 AM

We bought our first TT last fall, and picked a trailer we loved, but was pushing the limits with our Durango. Our TT is 5100# dry, 5600# loaded (no water, no clothes, no coffee pot). The Durango w/ Tow package has a GVW of 7100# and tow capacity of 7200#. What surprised me was the tongue weight going from 600# to around 850#. The Durango is my wife's daily driver and she has no interest in a pickup, so we make due until i can shift cars around and get a truck. Because of the heavy tongue (WDH brings it down to 740# per CAT scales) I tow with very little in the Durango.
Long and short is I think you can make what you have work. I would double check the WDH setup after loading the trailer with gear. That will make a huge difference in how it tows. Regardless of what you decide for the next tow vehicle, I would find something with a Tow Package. And CAT scales are an inexpensive way to check your setup, $11 for initial weigh (Durango and TT w/ WDH hooked up) and $3 for the reweigh (Durango)
Good luck and enjoy the camper.

Teetime 06-13-2018 08:36 AM

OK, first of all, in 2-3 years you will likely be buying a larger Travel Trailer.

Think about moving up to a good 3/4 ton diesel where you don't have to worry about finding RV friendly fuel lanes and getting in and out of those.

The larger margin (load vs capacity) in vehicle to TT will also increase your fuel mileage and make a safer ride.

timfromma 06-13-2018 08:58 AM

Buy more truck than you need so if / when you decide to upgrade your trailer, you won't have to upgrade the truck too.

B and B 06-13-2018 09:12 AM

SUV will tow this trailer. A truck is really necessary moving forward. You would pay more for a SUV, towing mods and still have a TV that is less than ideal. Set your hitch up, for sure high on the front. When upgrade time happens buy a truck.

JohnD10 06-13-2018 09:17 AM

Maybe it is time to get an appropriate tow vehicle that will be your daily driver instead of your wifeís daily driver.

I think Iíve read three different topic threads this morning where posters are seeking advice on tow vehicles, but need to keep it their spouceís daily driving vehicle so are looking at under-rated vehicles as a compromise.


joeuncool 06-13-2018 09:19 AM

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I would go with the Peterbilt 579. It is the only way to feel safe plus you will be ready for future trailer upgrades.

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