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techgeek 07-13-2018 09:13 PM

My Headlight Adventure
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Just bought a new 2019 40C a couple of weeks ago. Love it! But driving it back from the dealer (500 miles) was a bit of an adventure as quite a bit of the driving was at night. I know there are a bunch of posts about the poor headlight performance of the Berks on this forum, in fact I consulted many before I made changes to my coach. I learned a few things and thought a post might be worthwhile for others.

I tried purchasing some LED replacements that had been recommended in some previous posts. They didn't fit, not sure if there is something different about the 2019s or just bad luck on my part. The issue is that the projector housing on my coach isn't centered in the headlight housing opening. In fact, the bulb is located very near the top of the opening and almost touches the edge.

Most of the LED lights now sold on Amazon contain an integrated driver unit that is part of the base of the light, so these have a very large base. The one I had purchased (Sirius) hit the housing and wouldn't fit into the projector opening.

I ordered a second set of LED lights and found some on Amazon that had the older separate driver unit. (See the attached image with the red cable). The box in the middle is the driver. Because the driver is separate, the bulb itself has a smaller base, which fit into my housing. (See photo of housing with the bulb inserted).

I also added a photo of the headlight alignment using the "25-foot wall" technique. The left headlight is the original. Note how low it is aligned. About 1 foot off the ground is all. The headlight on the passengerís side is the new LED with some adjustment. If you look closely on the wall you can see the tape markers I was using. I think I moved the right beam down just a bit after I took the picture, but you can see how low the original beam is.

This is the second LED set I purchased which worked:

CRL1 07-13-2018 10:10 PM

We have a 2019 Berkshire XLT and had to adjust the headlights up in order to get the LED lights to fit into the opening. Used the adjustment (allen wrench) on top of the headlight assembly. Moved the adjustment back down a little after LED bulbs were in. Havenít driven at night yet.

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