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HortMi 08-03-2018 10:14 PM

Recent Trip Experience with my FR3
Thought I post about a recent trip.I'm not new to RVing. Fifth Wheel to a 22' Sprinter to a FR328DS. The FR3 is not top of the line but it's the best on the market for the price. When I camped next to all the Allegros I realize we all share the same equipment.It suits me fine. Unpretentious! Same F53 V10 Ford chassis, hot water, fridge windows, doors, AC and so on. My FR3 has not let me down plus I'm probably the only one that it is paid for in the camp.Allegros are expensive! Just spent two weeks and not sure how many miles on the road. Everything worked as it should.I did the suspension upgrades, sway bars, steering stabilizer and the sumo springs. I am comfortable at driving 70 to 75 0n the interstate if I need to. One handed. The coach is fairly quiet and I have found Sirius played through Bluetooth on my phone is 100% better sounding than a radio station. Since it was just three of us,two adults and a small dog I didn't run the coach AC and generator. I use the recalculation button on the dash AC and it cools fine even in the Florida heat. Mobile to Jacksonville to Daytona to Sarasota and back.No stress or fatigue.That's all I can ask for.

Orider 08-04-2018 08:52 AM

I can't agree with you more. I put over 13K on my 30DS but then the "Wife Unit" wanted a BIG fridge and 2 AC units, so I upgraded to a 32DS. In 2 years I have been to a lot of campsites where owners of 250-350K coaches just constantly gripe about their units always in the shop for repairs. I had a minor rubber roof problem on my 30DS and a noisy passenger window on my new 32DS. Both were fixed fast by my dealer. I have over 6K on this unit and by the end of October, after 2 big FROG rallies, should have over 13K on this one. I love the fact that it is paid for and on the road, not in the shop. The only FIX I did to both was the CHF.

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