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Angieburns 10-12-2018 10:04 PM

251RKS-how/where did you put towel ring and how?
We just brought home our 2018 251RKS and moving things from Salem and noticed no towel ring for hand towel by sink or toilet paper holder. We found toilet paper holder in a box in closet but no towel ring. I can buy that BUT how do I mount things that will be tugged on in a trailer? It doesn’t feel there is wood or anything to screw into to make this stable. Please share what you have done please!

Reverse_snowbird 10-13-2018 12:31 AM

Mounting things in the bathroom can be a challenge. They make 'over the door' towel racks.
We've had good luck with Command mounting hooks (or strips) made for the bathroom (moist areas) or outside mounting. Just make certain that you clean the area with rubbing alcohol first and let it sit for around 24 hours before using.

jeffnick 10-13-2018 03:23 AM

BigH 10-13-2018 06:45 AM

I mounted some things on the walls with screws in other areas of the trailer but like you I wasn't confident on the bathroom wall where we wanted to hang 'things'.

What I thought would be temporary until I figured something else out for hanging bath towels was using three command hooks and stringing a rope between the hooks. I set the distance between the hooks which allows the towels to hang without being folded so they dry nicely. I haven't had to re-do any of our stick on stuff but you can't just yank on the towel to pull it off the rope...-It turns out the wife is good with the setup and I haven't put any more thought into doing something else.

I built a hinged shelf that stows flat against the wall until you want to use it...secured with just good 3M Velcro.

RitaB 10-13-2018 02:37 PM

In my Surveyor, I have closets next to the toilet, with drawers on the bottom. So I put a small black bungee thru the Toilet paper and hook the ends to one of the drawers handle. I use an over the door towel holder.

ProfChuck 10-15-2018 09:53 PM

We have an under sink cabinet and I put a piece of 3/8 inch plywood on the inside of the door (glued in) and fastened the holder to that. I did buy a new toiled paper holder that works well with the TT and doesn't let it roll off the roll while traveling. When you want to use it, you just open the door and it is right there. As for towel holders, I trade the screws that come with them for sheet metal screws (usually a #8) about 3/4 inch long and pre-drill the holes so the screw doesn't break out the 3/16" wall plywood. If I can find a stud in the wall that works, I will use that. Important: don't over tighten the screws. So far, nothing has pulled out. Most stuff has been in for 6 seasons. For the extra towel holders, I used rings, and hooks on the walls. I found over the cabinet door towel hooks someone else mentioned and they work well.

andy10 10-22-2018 03:49 PM

There are hooks on the bathroom door. We used the same system we had in our sailboat. Loops sewn at the midpoint of the towels allow them to hang from the hooks. I mounted an adhesive backed decorative hook on the left side of the medicine cabinet for a convenient hand towel. TP is in a basket on the floor next to the toilet. A small over the door wash cloth rack on the cabinet under the sink.

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