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Duckster 10-26-2018 05:21 PM

leaky roof question(s)
I posted a longer (much) version of this elsewhere on the site and received one response which was a good one to contact the factory. FR is going to take care of whatever needs to be taken care of. The roof leak was substantial and a shop vac was need to suck as much water out as possible plus a boatload of towels followed by fans and a couple of heaters. we do not know how long it may have sat on the dealers lot also getting rained inside. during the pdi walk through everything worked and looked good. we did not remove the window shades to look up there. Also did not remove window (windshield type) to look in there. and I neglected to lift the mattress to look under it for any damage. so my questions are: can the dealer actually correct the leak and repair the damage? That would be ceiling sag, the framing around front window, carpeting, the plywood under the carpet, the mattress portions of the wall surrounding the window and the wall and floor in the storage area. our absolute number one concern is the mold that is without doubt in there somewhere. too much wet and humid weather for it to be otherwise. what questions do I ask the dealer when I go back? what do I look for? is there a test for mold that we can use? I am looking for any and all suggestions on my role going forward to make sure neither my wife or I get sick while we are out camping. thank you for reading and any help you may be able to give. Steve

Skip12 10-26-2018 10:08 PM

I dont think I'd take it back to the original dealer. It's not clear what they knew but I wouldn't give them a second chance if the damage was masked as you described.

Will FR take care of it at the factory? That would be my first choice.

If not I'd look for an independant repair shop.

Good luck.

sgtlm17 10-26-2018 10:28 PM

If I had the choice I would absolutely want it to go back to the factory for repairs.

Duckster 10-27-2018 09:12 AM

I did not know I actually had a choice on dealer or factory. I presumed dealer first and if they were over their head they would call factory. I just didn’t stop to think I guess. Waking in a puddle of water all I could think of was to get as much water as possible out hopefully before any other damage was done. I spoke with a guy in the FR warranty department and he asked me to give his contact information to the dealer if I had any problem. It has been in for a week and I wanted to give them time to look it all over-and then hopefully give me a call to let me know what all they found. I will run over there Monday and see what’s up. But to be sure- I can actually just tell them I would like the factory to work on it? Thanks!

Skip12 10-27-2018 09:25 AM

Hmm. If it's already at the dealer, I might change my strategy. I'd ask them every question you asked us. I'd ask them if they think an extensive project like this would be better handled by the factory. I'd ask for a complete list of what is being repaired or replaced. I'd ask them about the integrity of the outside walls and floor. If you got a lot of water in there, they'll eventually have problems. Good luck.

Duckster 10-27-2018 09:49 AM

Considering that there should not have been any water at all in there, yes it seemed like a lot. In using the shop vac on the mattress and “floor” under it I got about a half gallon of water. The water that ran down between the wall and the bed....who knows. That ran into the storage bay and out the bottom and except for what our towels sopped up disappeared. Sorry to still be whining about it but wow what huge letdown. The excitement of brand new, equipped exactly How we wanted it. Sigh. It will get better, it will be fixed is my new mantra.

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