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Nomore9-5 11-14-2018 01:31 PM

insurance while in Storage
We usually travel by motorhome to Florida in the winter and return home mid April. We are considering switching to a 5th wheel , leaving it in Florida and commuting back and forth by car. Given extremes in weather ( hurricanes etc) I'd like to invest in insurance coverage to cover it from possible damage or outright loss ( replacement ) . Does anybody out there do this ? Can anyone suggest kind of insurance to ask for and who they use

formerFR 11-14-2018 01:44 PM

most any car/truck insurer can easily add your fifth-wheel, with Comp and Collision coverage, to your existing policy, or you can go online and find a provider that will insure the RV just by itself.
Most any policy on any trailer or fifth-wheel is only going to be for 'property damages to it' anyway, so you are not asking for anything unusual. Property damages typically includes 'anything' that damages the property, and usually including flood, since it's insured under similar policy provisions and coverages as any other 'vehicle' on the road, or parked. Your policy will state exactly what it will do, and your agent/agency will be able to explain and answer your questions.

some questions that will potentially arise, though, are:
-what state/Country is the RV registered in? You insurance policy will have to be issued for the state of registration, regardless of whether it's parked in that state or not.
-will the state of Florida just allow you to park the RV there all the time without also registering it there?(and paying appropriate taxes, of course)

You can just look at your RV as a 'second home', because that's exactly what it is.

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