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SEASIDELOUNGERS 01-23-2019 01:16 PM

2018 e-pro 19fd
Bought ours late fall.
Wondering what brand of mattress they have in them, how comfortable, and would a 3" memory foam topper be useful??
Currently looking at a Cloud 9, or comfort select
My 1st post, so Tia!!

SEASIDELOUNGERS 01-24-2019 08:48 AM

Just an update. Ordered the "Comfort Select" 5.8 3" topper.. they are made in Tennessee, have a 20 yr warranty, 3 different firmness levels 5.5(soft) 5.8(med) &6.3( firm) .. mostly each by weight, with the 5.8 being for 180-225#.. talked to both companies, with Cloud9 actually being a knock off, as the company makes mattresses.. so I quickly marked that one off!! Anxious to get it and try it out!! Oh, talked to FR, as well, they use a Lippert foam mattress, made by Denver Mattress.. not the cheapest, but definitely not the best, so they said a topper would be a great addition .. the mattress is heated, so they don't know if it would permeate through the topper, but it may.. hope this helps others who are wondering about the mattress and yse of a topper!!!

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