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Lewis96 02-04-2019 04:37 PM

Looking at 2019 FR Surveyor 33RKLOK
Hello all,
Wife and I just looked at this FR unit because we have appreciated our 2010 FR Lexi GTS and traveling the US over the past years.
This year we have decided to park in one location and enjoy a place in the mountains as the next path forward in retirement.
The [2] of us and 3 dogs like the floor plan of the Surveyor and plan on maybe being in it 6 months of the year. Beach winter / Mountains summer time.
Going from a class "C" to this RV will be a change for sure but with more room and no need to move it after it is placed we are excited for sure.
We have been pleased with FR and also the information we have received at this forum. I was inquiring for feed back from current owners about there Surveyor RV and what we can expect [good or bad].
We have decided not to trade in our existing Lexi and sell it out right as RV dealers don't want to deal with trade ins from what I have seen.
I appreciate your comments!

DustyRoads 02-04-2019 04:57 PM

We have a Surveyor 251rks and love it. I am looking forward to retiring in June and going on longer distance trips outside of NY Capital District.
Keep us posted on your new home.

clarkbre 02-05-2019 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by Lewis96 (Post 2018510)
.....I was inquiring for feed back from current owners about there Surveyor RV and what we can expect [good or bad].....

A similar question has been brought up and now has about 45 comments regarding quality, likes/dislikes and perception of the brand and trailers:

Here is the link:
Surveyor Quality - are you happy?

I think the overall opinion is that they are good trailers that are nicer than most at, or just below their price point. Quality seems to be an issue regardless of the make/model of trailer you get. In a lot of cases, it's not so much the quality of Forest River, but the quality (or lack thereof) coming from the suppliers.

My family's experience has been overall very good with the Surveyor itself. We love the floor plan, cabinetry, styling, etc. of our trailer. The downside is that ours experienced welding issues on the suspension and needed to be remedied; however, this was a Lippert issue and not Surveyor specific.

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