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dangrega33 09-09-2019 07:24 PM

2018 Micro Lite 21DS Thermostat
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So I changed out my thermostat this past weekend and ran into issues from the start. First off, I pulled the wires out of the wall and two of the wires were not connected to anything. Two wires had wire caps in the wall and figured which ones went where but hooked up the new digital thermostat and got nothing when trying the A/C. I also tried heater and nothing. I ended up capping off the blue 12V wire because I read that you do with the digital thermostat since it has it's own batteries. Is this true? Also if somebody has a 2018 21DS, can you snap a picture of your wires so I can see what you have hooked up to where? Attached is my wiring now. Yellow to yellow (compressor), green to green (fan hi), white to blue (heat) (this was one that was disconnected), red to blue (12V+), and grey capped off. I ended up wiring the 1V back up since it didnt work the other way and wasnt getting voltage. Not sure I was getting voltage without it. I am at a loss right now. I have to be missing something. The grey, blue, yellow, and green wires are all together and going up to the A/C, so I dont know why the white would be hooked up to blue, but it was the last wire I had. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am an engineer and work as a technician so I know basic electricity, so it's not making sense that I'm getting voltage to relays and they arent working. (I have verified with multimeter that the thermostat is doing what it is supposed to).

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