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kozzy 04-16-2012 09:29 PM

Roundtable on lacrosse 318... And others
Ok just got back from my first trip with my new 318.... I'm going to air my issues here, hopefully some of you might have some tips....and just so I am clear...especially for you RV guy...I love my lacrosse....:)

Ok..well for starters...the bathroom faucet seems to be too close to the back of the matter who try's to wash their hands...water goes all over the counter and idea to fix this is I'm going to replace the faucet with a higher one...similar to kitchen but obviously not as high..
Here is the big one my wife yelled about the whole trip...showering..the water runs along the backside of he tub and right onto the floor...and will soak a whole towel on the floor..I mean a ton of water...this could be a combination of things from what I could tell..a short faucet dripping water on the shower head hose...very bad design flaw in my opinion...I think the only way to resolve this would be to add splash guards...looking for ideas thought cause I think those are ugly...

Loved the outdoor kitchen and bumper mounted grill for entertaining...was grate.

Lack of drawers in the front bedroom is kind of a pain...I was folding my clothes and just setting in the top cabinets...gets a little messy...was thinking a about adding some drawers under the wardrobe.

And lastly ....the pantry is great...huge...awesome...only small thing is it is deep...while it is ok for wife is not as tall..I'm thinking about adding some slide out shelves there....

And I did find a dent in my kitchen counter...and a tare in the linoleum floor in he bathroom...but I have no doubt that the dealer will fix those up...

Please share your ides with y little issues or what you might have added...I am looking to do a few mods...I will be adding cabinet doors to the booth storage...and I'll be adding a shelf to the cabinet above the sink in kitchen...and to he closet above the furnace....

Kids loved the back room...and that room was the perfect I said we love the camper and are very happy with PT ...they have been great when I have contacted them about a few things already...

grhodes50 04-16-2012 10:20 PM

I checked out the 318BHS at my dealers, but that's been over a year ago and I can't really remmeber the details, like the drawer situation in the bedroom.
I'm not sure if our pantries are the same, but mine is deep and narrow. I've checked out some of the sliding wire racks, but I haven't found any narrow enough. May have to make 'em from scratch.
I've ran into the problem with water on the floor while showering with a previous tt, but it wasn't the same problem your experiencing. The small shower cutian wouldn't stay in place so I bought a package of 3/4" square velcro tabs. I attached a couple each to the front and back shower wall and curtain. This kept the curtian in place while showering and eliminated the wet floor.
My wife and I feel that if we had taken any of the grand kids with us while tt shopping we would have ended up with the 318BHS. :roflblack:
Nice tt. :thumbsup:

kozzy 04-16-2012 10:23 PM

We do love matter what we bought we would have some little annoyances...I'm hoping to rectify mine...but we looked at a lot and researched a lot...this was the one for us...

6.4 tow rig 04-17-2012 08:23 AM

This was our first weekend in ours and we noticed a couple of things but nothing major at all. The shower was fine, and the bathroom sink we had no issues with. The wall in the bathroom next to the toilet vibrates like crazy when the aircondition is on and it sounds like a woodpecker. We absolutely HATE the kitchen table. Folding it down everytime you move is annoying and it doesnt like to stay in place while in the road. The drawer under the sofa has no way to secureit for travel, quick fix for that was a new rubber tire chock. Works fine. Last thing is we have what looks like a rock or some other debri under the linoleum in the kitchen area so there is a small bump. Not sure if its worth taking back because they would have to take up the whole floor. No telling how long that would take.

Oh, and one more thing, not sure if its normal or not. The gap btween the slideout and the wall when closed is not the same all the way down. So when looking at the slideout from the side when closed it is tight up at the top and you can barely see any rubber seal. The bottom is very visible and I can stick a finger in there, but it is tight against the rubber seal still

kozzy 04-17-2012 01:13 PM

My wife does keep banging her knees on the brackets under the table..she hates that...and we too have have the same problem with the drawer not staying shut.

Im suprised about your shower..maybe I have a defective faucet or something IDK ...or im just defective myself haha

6.4 tow rig 04-17-2012 08:24 PM

I did end up putting some extra teflon tape on the shower head fittings because it was leaking and losing a little pressure. But thats it for the shower head

skgeorgy 04-17-2012 11:20 PM

I am not a huge fan of the table. I wish there were doors to access the storage under the dinette seats. Other than that I love the trailer.

6.4 tow rig 04-17-2012 11:25 PM

They did address the doors under the dinette for 2013 as mine has them. It was a pleasant surprise when we went to pick it up. We had actually talked about order some cabinet doors and I was going to cut a hole and add them. Im glad they added that because its a great storage spot for long items such as a vaccum cleaner

Drakconian 04-18-2012 11:13 AM

Installing cabinet doors for under the dinette will be a mod that i will do this year, sucks to have to take off the cushions all the time. I am also going to add a stair light to both entrances so it lights up the stairs at night.

6.4 tow rig 04-18-2012 01:52 PM

Does anybodies door rub the awning with it extended?

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