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ryanmacd81 05-28-2012 08:40 PM

Proper battery hookup for 2009 Flagstaff 206ST
Hello All,

I bought my very first trailer a week ago, a 2009 Flagstaff 206ST popup. Being my first trailer, it's electrical system is all new to me.

I noticed that the positive terminal of the battery is hooked to the white wire that ties to the frame. The black wire (with the battery fuse) is hooked to the negative terminal. This is the opposite to what I would of expected as it puts the frame at -12V. When i measure the 7 way plug, i have -12v sitting between the various signal lights, and the ground pin. Seems like it'd cause an issue when tied to the tow vehicle with it's negative ground system.

I also disconnected the battery, and plugged the trailer into shore power. I measured the voltage across the black and white battery leads(white as common on the DMM) and read 13.4VDC

This tells me that the black lead should be going to the positive terminal on the battery.

I also check the Reverse polarity fuse on the converter, and it is not blow. All the fuses are good. I have not have any of the appliances/lights running off battery power. I don't know if you need draw from circuits to trip that reverse polarity fuse, or if it will blow as soon as the battery is hooked up wrong.
I don't know what to make if that fuse not being blown.

I know the the previous owners do remove the battery for winter storage so it would of been hooked back up recently.

If anyone out there could shed some like on the proper battery hookup for my unit, I'd greatly appreciated it.
Everything in me is telling that it was reversed, but since I have time before my first camping trip , I figured I put the question to those who may know for sure.

Little nervous to hook the battery back up at all until i know how it should be hooked up.

Thanks for you help


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