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bomerigic 03-11-2013 10:19 PM

We just bought a 2007 rockwood premier 2516G. We want to get a generator. Do we need an invertor?

VinceU 03-11-2013 10:28 PM


Originally Posted by bomerigic (Post 323484)
We just bought a 2007 rockwood premier 2516G. We want to get a generator. Do we need an invertor?

No, the generator will supply 110 VAC.Your onboard "converter" will provide all the 12 VDC you'll need.

An inverter takes current from large 12 volt batteries and will provide 110 VAC, not very efficient however.

bikendan 03-11-2013 11:15 PM

i think you're confusing "inverter" with "converter".

all RV's have converters, that convert 110v AC power to 12v DC power. it also recharges the battery when connected to shore power.
some RV's, especially motorhomes have inverters. these do the opposite, inverting 12v DC to 110v AC, so that you can run things like a tv, dvd player, air pump, razor and so on. as long as it doesn't draw too much power from the batteries.

with a popup, you can add an inverter if you want. i'm adding one to my HTT, since we almost always dry camp.
if you never dry camp, there's no need for an inverter.

a generator takes the place of shore power.
"Inverter" generators, like the Honda or Yamaha 2000w, provide clean power for delicate electronics.
a generator will also use the trailer's converter to recharge the battery. no need for a separate charger or 12v charging wires.

Inverter generators are also MUCH quieter than open-framed construction generators, along with providing cleaner power. but that costs more.
finally, if you want to run the a/c, then you'll need enough wattage to power it. so a 2400w generator would be the minimum.

bomerigic 03-11-2013 11:39 PM

Thanks I did confuse the invertor with the converter. We do a lot of off road primitive camping and want to know if it is worth the extra price. We do use our outlets to charge phones, iPads etc. I don't want a surge of power blowing the electronics. We were told some campers do not need the convertors.

Taranwanderer 03-11-2013 11:48 PM

If your camper has a 12v battery somewhere, and the ability to be plugged into shore power, then you (most likely) already have a converter. If all you need to do is charge iPhones and such, you could just run a cigarette lighter style 12v outlet from your on board 12v battery and plug your iPhone into that. You won't damage the iPhone or iPad as long as you use the same type of charger you'd use in your car. Too many nights of that will drain your battery though. This is a nice mod to have in a pinch, and it works great when you're plugged in to shore power, since your converter will keep your battery charged, and your battery will keep your iPhone charged. Clear as mud, I know. Good luck!

bikendan 03-12-2013 01:23 AM

or you could install an inverter to recharge small electronics.
if you plan on dry camping a lot, i suggest going to a two battery setup.

we do and have two deep cycle batteries, along with a Honda 2000eui generator. now that i'm installing an inverter, we'll be able to recharge small electronics or watch tv/dvd using battery power.
then we only will need to recharge them every 3-4 days with the Honda.

if you have a 12v outlet in your camper, inverters come with the 12v cable with the cigarette lighter plug on the end. then you simply plug it in, like you would in the car. our HTT didn't come with one of these, so that's why i'm hard wiring the inverter in.

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