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BoatDude 04-04-2013 12:39 PM

Hello all. We just purchased a new 2013 36 ckts.
We do our walk through this weekend. We are very nervous. If you have any suggestions for our walk through please advise. Thanks Vic & Ruth.

Ramblin Recks 04-04-2013 12:45 PM

That is a great looking rig with lots of amenities.
We are looking to buy the same 5er in a few months. The DW loves the colors and floorplan, and I like the 6-point, wall construction, ducted air, LEDs, and G-tires, just to name a few.

Where did you order it from ?

Good Luck and enjoy.


jevanb 04-04-2013 12:48 PM

Climb on top and look at the silicone everywhere, make sure inside the cabinets are clean, take a small lamp and try every outlet, look at everything with a suspect eye, expect to find defects and if you see none at least you looked, when you do the insp send the dealer away and then you can take your time, also Wright down all issues make copy and keep, I had a list of like 20 issues that had to be corrected before I took home

Duckogram 04-04-2013 03:40 PM


Originally Posted by BoatDude (Post 341295)
We do our walk through this weekend. We are very nervous. If you have any suggestions for our walk through please advise. Thanks Vic & Ruth.

Congrats on your new CC.
Here are some tried tips.
Bring a video camera/smartphone.
Ask questions.
Make sure you understand how systems work before you pull out.
Make sure the pinbox, hitch are aligned for
a level ride with 6" of clearance above the bed rail. Trail Air inflated.
Have the unit plugged in to 50amp service
before you start.
Make sure your batteries (4x6volt with res reefer) are properly installed.
Turn everything on as you go.
Make sure you have water in the tank and
test the pump.
Make very sure the slides work and are aligned... Bring a level.
Make sure the level up is calibrated.
Cook top must be level.
Dining table fairly level.
Island level. Bath floor level
Look at the gap on the slides open and closed. Make sure they seal.
Check the pipe & drain fittings. Hand tight. Run the water. Flush the toilet.
Lights on. Lights off.
Fans on. Fans off.
A/C - Heat
How does that thermostat work...
Tire pressure. Lugs torqued.
Vacuum attachments.
Spare tire crank wrench.
Hoosier counter top slide?
Command center
Utility center.
LP full.
TV(s) & Antenna work. (Antenna down;-)
Appliances work
Check bed strut mounts.
Closet door locks.

About the only thing I didn't do at the PDI was blow up the bed.

Suggestions for Basics:
Get a good water pressure regulator and set it to around 50 lbs.
Chocks are needed.
Sewer hose. Suggest 2x10'
Potable water hose. Suggest 2x25'
Sewer connection elbow and donut.
Surge suppressor with built in line testing.
50amp to 30amp adapter.

Hope this gets you started on the right path.
Happy Trails...

golfmedik 04-04-2013 03:45 PM

All the above plus, if you aren't sure what something is, don't like the way something looks, don't like the way something fits, do not be afraid to speak up. This is going to be your baby and it should be as you want it! Congratulations, good luck and :useless: :D

38FLCamper 04-04-2013 06:46 PM

Congrats... Here are a couple of general tips on Cedar Creek units (may apply to other mfg as well)...

- Batteries - If you have the residential fridge - make sure there are 4 6-volt batteries on the inverter. And review the wiring to make sure all the wires are there. We were missing one wire that prevented all 4 batteries from charging.

- Fridge (Residential) - Verify it is screwed into the cabinet properly - 1 screw/bracket at the top, 3 on the wood frame at the bottom.

- Slide outs - If you have any schwintek slides - check the screws that hold the tracks to the side of the slides - looking for loose screws or screws that are not in straight.

- Check the roof - ours was in good shape, but I didn't climb up and review it, when I should have.

and don't leave with anything out of place.

Wiscampsin 04-04-2013 10:10 PM

Welcome to the forum and congrats on your 2013 36 ckts. Lots of good tips posted above.

BoatDude 04-05-2013 08:26 AM

Thanks for all the tips. I just reading the reply this morning at the hotel. We had to travel about 400 miles to get here. The rv dealer is just down the street. Wish I had brought my late now. If we have a list of issues...should we wait to sign the papers until after its all fixed to our satisfaction? I know they will be anxious for us to take it off there books. This is more like work than fun...but work now... means fun later down the road.
Thanks for the good tips. After reading some sound like cc have there issues. So not like them while others love them. Confusing I think.

38FLCamper 04-05-2013 08:36 AM

We did not close the sale until we completed a through walk through with a Service Tech by our side. Then we compiled a list of items to be worked on (not many). The service tech worked on the issues while we did a second walk through of all systems, windows (open/close), seals, controls, cabinets, etc and built a second list (which only had 2 additional items). AFTER the service tech was done, we agreed that all was set and the remaining 2 items required an order to the factory to replace two items and the dealer wrote up a "We Owe" order. Then we finalized all the papers and signed the check.

I would never do it any other way. Although the service tech was available off/on to us the rest of the day while we transferred our belongings, the rest of the staff was "gone" as soon as the check was signed over.

bodzcampers 04-05-2013 08:40 AM

Here's a link to an RV inspection checklist. There are others out there too!
Good luck with the new purchase!

RV Inspection Checklist

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