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kerrlakelover 07-25-2013 08:40 PM

No DVD video from Estone to Konka TV
We just purchased a 2010 345ret. I'm trying to figure out this flaky entertainment setup with the Estone system and Konka TV. I'm pretty capable with electronics. But, I can't figure this one out. I pulled the Estone system out of the cabinet and checked the wiring which appears to be ok. I've read both the Estone and Konka manuals and have made all settings as I understand them (manuals leave something to be desired). When I put the DVD in, the DVD starts running and you can see the progress on the Estone display. But, there is no video on the TV. I only get a "no signal" on the TV screen no matter how I set the input and channel on the TV. Does anyone know the magic combination?

NL Camper 07-28-2013 12:43 PM

Hey kerrlakelover, I too am having problems with my dvd player and konka tv in my 2011 30ft Salem. When I put a dvd in the player it plays it and you can hear the movie playing through the speakers but the tv says "no signal". At the same time the radio stopped working. I can change all the channels but no sound. I plugged in a mp3 player into the USB jack and that works fine. Can't make heads or tails out of this. I guess I have to take out the unit and have a look for some loose connections...fingers crossed!! This just happened over this past weekend. Two weeks ago the same thing happened, I wasn't in at the camper at the time. My wife unplugged the camper, waited 10 minutes and plugged it in and everything worked again! So when it happened again this weekend I tried the same thing (unplugged camper and disconnected battery) and nothing. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!!

kerrlakelover 07-28-2013 09:09 PM

Thanks for your response NL Camper. I talked with someone from FR Friday afternoon and "off the record" he told me that the Estone was pretty junk like it's predecessor Concertone. He was not a real technical guy, but kinda confirmed my thoughts/fears, if the display shows the DVD is playing and you have audio but no video on the TV, the Estone has a problem. I, like many other FR customers, cannot figure out why FR continues to put junk entertainment systems in their RVs. Anyway, I'm gonna try your trick and disconnect the AC power and batter cables to hopefully do some kind of reset on the Estone. We'll see, cross your fingers.

kerrlakelover 07-30-2013 02:52 PM

NL Camper....I figured it out! When you attempt to select the "input" on the TV, you must click the "OK" button in order to engage that source. Example: Press the input button on the remote until you get to the input source you desire, then you must quickly press the OK button on the remote to select that input. Simply pressing the input button until you get to the desired input source will not get have to hit the OK button. How simple and dumb is that!?

NL Camper 07-31-2013 06:29 AM

Thats good news! When I seen your reply I packed the kid up and headed into our park to see if that would work for me. Unforunately it didn't work. I guess I am going to have to pony up the money for a new one!!! I hate to do it as this unit is barely used. $400 for a replacement:mad:!!! Maybe I'll get lucky and the concertone fairies will show and fix it:rolleyes:!!!

kerrlakelover 07-31-2013 08:03 AM

Hey buddy, don't go buy a replacement yet. I have 2 ideas. The first is that I'm pretty good at this stuff and performing problem determination since I used to be a service tech for IBM. So, if you want to exchange contact information, we can get on the phone with each of us in front of our systems and step thru it together to determine if you really have a defective unit. And second, I researched on the web and thru a couple of phone calls was able to talk to "the technical support guy" at Patrick Industries (PI is a supplier of many RV components) who is the guru on the Estone system. I have his direct phone number if all else fails. I doubt they will replace it if you have a defective unit. But, maybe he might know something that we can't figure out. Let me know what you want to do. I'm always willing to help a fellow RVer. Larry in Wake Forest, NC

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