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h20ski 08-04-2013 07:02 AM

I know I can tow that boat!!!!!!!!!
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This happened around here this weekend.:crying:

Be safe out there. :trink39:

DDC 08-04-2013 07:07 AM

When does the tide come in??

Mister 08-04-2013 08:03 AM


Originally Posted by DDC (Post 437488)
When does the tide come in??

Might want to check for leaks. ;)

iceblaze580 08-04-2013 08:07 AM

Think he left the skier about a block back

John4th 08-04-2013 08:55 AM

Saw an accident similar to this as a child ('83 or '84') when we were going to Florida. Glad no one was hurt.

Camping Buddys 08-04-2013 09:10 AM

It's hard to see with the canvas on!

Wasn't that a red marker on my right? Nope, is green!

asquared 08-04-2013 09:31 AM

Well this looks like a good place to dry dock it.

asquared 08-04-2013 09:33 AM

This is what happens when you let turbs drive your boat to Goshen.

F and E Damp 08-05-2013 05:27 PM

A good friend almost had that happen. He had his 24' boat up for sale and a buyer came to see it. John said he'd take it down to the lake for a test run. He drove down to the boat ramp (downhill all the way) with the guy riding with him.

As John was backing down the ramp, he realized the boat was going faster than the truck, so he goosed it, got the boat into deep enough water and stood on the brakes. The boat slide off gently, and they went round, grabbed the lines and tied it up to the dock. He never did explain the "automatic launch system" to the guy, but he bought boat and trailer!

Dodge Guy 08-05-2013 07:42 PM

all I see is 4 guys in safety vests that showed up in a wrecked Avalanche to look at a boat for sale on the side of the road!

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