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golfmedik 08-06-2013 11:53 AM

'01 8.1/Allison Puking transmission fluid
Hey guys,
My dad was driving my '01 8.1/Allison dually home a couple of weeks ago when the transmission started puking fluid. He was running down the interstate about 75 miles when he noticed the tranny temp gauge higher than normal. He then hit the back roads from the interstate to the house and just before pulling into the driveway, the DIC showed "Trans Fluid Hot" warning. When he pulled in, the fluid had been pushed out the overflow. I was in Myrtle Beach on vacation when this happened and didn't see it. The fluid does not smell burnt and is still pink. It was a little high on the dipstick(over half way through the range). Upon researching potential problems, I've learned that Allisons do not like to have a warm fluid level above half way in the range on the dipstick. That the fluid will then foam and then get the tranny hot. Possible cause #1. The only other thing I've found on several other forums, is the possibility of the torque converter slipping at highway speeds. I've read in several Duramax forums that this had happened in the early Allisons. One shop out west stated they have done over 40 of them that the only thing that needed to be done was a new TC and fluid change. Any of you guys on here have any problem with this type of incident. Any insight would be appreciated.

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