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00buck 08-12-2013 09:39 PM

New Micro Lite 21FBRS
I recently traded in a high end B+ for a 2014 Micro Lite 21FBRS. The spouse and I have been looking for the RV thatís 20 feet on the outside and 30 feet on the inside. The layout of the 21FBRS is about as close as we can get to that for two people. Tow vehicle is a 2013 Silverado 1500 ext. cab (5.3L) with 4 way Equal-i-zer and Prodigy controller.

Issues Ė all minor so far.

* Weíve had to replace all the locks on the storage compartments and outside shower. Some were seized and others were nearly so.
* Genesis stereo doesnít work, replacement on the way (I hope).
* Discovered that Forest River used a wood screw to attach the TV to the wall mount. :confused: (Makes me worry a little about what else they might have done!)
* I took the cover plate off the shower base and discovered that the shower floor support was laying at about 30 degrees instead of 90. Shower floor was much less bouncy after I straightened it up.
* Every door I tried on a Micro Lite model was ďsticky.Ē Turns out that itís not the outer door; itís the cheap handle on the screen. A little adjustment and tinkering and the door works like a charm now.

On the whole, Iím pretty lucky compared to some of the Flagstaff horror stories Iíve heard and read. My issues seem to be the typical new RV stuff.

Changes and Mods:

* Replaced the plastic potty chair with a Thetford Aqua Magic Style II (25 lbs). This was more work than I expected because of the tight space. I used the 12 inch model with a riser to reach the optimal height for spouse happiness. Thetford includes two sets of bolts with the riser recommended for the toilet. Both sets are too long. I had to cut them to fit.
* Installed a new shower head with a shut off button and 30Ē splash guards on the sides of the shower. (No mess Ė thanks to the tips on this site!)
* Glued a 1x3 to the inside of the sink cabinet door and mounted the TP holder on it.
* Bought more 3M Command hooks than I thought I would. They didnít stick to the shower wall but seem to be working well everywhere else.
* Bought a 48 inch Northwest Territory Fold-In-Half Adjustable Height Table from K Mart to replace the heavy table that came with the Micro Lite. Itís sets up very easily (much better -and cheaper -than the similar Lifetime table). Itís light too. I can put it behind the couch without calling Arnold Schwarzenegger for assistance.
* Soon to come - a pull out faucet in the kitchen sink.

On the way to our first camping trip, I stopped at the CAT scale for a weigh. Trailer Axles: 3980. Truck rear 3330. Truck front 3330. All within limits. Iím a happy camper so far.:)

CHERV 08-13-2013 11:36 AM

2014 21fbrs
Hi, have you installed any towel racks in bath???

00buck 08-13-2013 08:18 PM

I used a back of the door towel rack. I used one like this: GRAYLINE HOUSEWARES 1724 - Grayline Housewares Towel Rack,lg Doorback Wht 1724 - RV Plus. It adjusts to the thickness of the door so you get a tight fit. I had to cut off the bottom bar so it would fit above the door handle. I used a couple of wire shelf 1/4 inch rubber tips to cover the cut ends. You can easily find the tips at Home Depot or Lowes. The door holds the stabilizing screws quite well.

I also put a 5lb 3M Command hook over the toilet and will probably add a couple more.

SuwanneeDave 08-15-2013 08:46 PM

Do you have the Murphy bed? We have one in a 21FB and it really opens up the space during the day. Also the couch is more comfortable than what we tried in a number of other models.

Disregard; I realized the fbrs doesn't offer the Murphy bed because the couch is in the slide.

00buck 08-16-2013 08:44 AM

Right . . . no murphy bed, but the couch is great. Many, if not most, rv couches are too soft and too high for us. I think Forest River hit a home run by selecting this couch. It's really comfortable for sitting, but I can't imagine two people sleeping on it because of the contour of the back.

Weezer 08-17-2013 10:39 AM

I looked this one up...checked out many pictures. Great floor plan and lots of storage.

Congrats! and...


00buck 08-18-2013 08:53 AM

Weezer – Thanks. This is the smallest rv we’ve had since my first Shasta back in the Dark Ages. The open layout and the slide make it feel bigger than it is. The flip side is the Silverado. It gives me an appreciation of the 40 acre statement in your signature. It’s a nice truck, but a real bear when backing the Micro Lite into a tight spot. Sometimes makes me wish I still had a Toyota 4Runner.

frankchmi 08-22-2013 08:29 AM

new 21fbrs
Have a new 2014 21fbrs and just came back home from five week trip to New Hampshire. Everything went great with a few issues............
Stove spark did not work on front burner........ Ended up being a cut in the wire.. taped and good to go.

Never did figure out how to open the outside stove vent. Two tabs at the bottom... push down, push up..... What am I missing.?

LeeandMick 08-22-2013 05:17 PM

Push the vent tabs up and out at the same time with your thumbs. It works easy once you know the secret. We really like our 21 FBRS also. We are going to the lake this weekend with it.

Good Luck,
Lee & Mick

boatless 08-26-2013 08:03 AM

thanks for this - except do you mean that you should be opening the vent before cooking on the stove ? I have cooked on the stove and didn't have a problem that I know of! maybe this is why the alarm went off! quickly shut off tho by turning on the high fan! embarrassing!

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