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dweick 09-26-2013 08:00 AM

376 bhok
We bought a 2013 376BHOK and have had several issues with it already.
1. No caulk around shower door so we had water all over the floor.
2. Bubble in kitchen counter top, they sent a new one but it was worse than the original according to the people fixing it.
3. Molding broken in pantry.
4. Stress cracks on back panel.

This is on a new trailer. Anyone else have these issues?

Lynkage 09-26-2013 08:22 AM

The sad reality is that they do have problems from new.

We either have to deal with it or don't buy them because they all have some problems.

My shower was the same so I just caulked it myself.

The molding should be an easy fix

Not sure about the cracks, can you post a pic?

I don't have your trailer but it is similar to yours. Is your dealer good with fixing it for you? If so you should be alright. Just keep an eye out for things while it is under warranty and get them fixed. Your dealer knows it is going to happen as well.

I know this is not much help but try to keep your cool and all will be fine.


dweick 09-26-2013 09:06 AM

I just don't understand the low quality control.

Lynkage 09-26-2013 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by dweick (Post 471338)
I just don't understand the low quality control.

I was quite dismayed about that as well, but I soon found that this is just the nature of the beast and no one was going to refund my money nor would I find any that were built better minus a custom unit that would be 5X as much as I spent.

I will say that if you have a good relationship with your dealer, and they have a good service center, things will be way better.

The fact is that they already know these things are going to happen so if you are not to upset when dealing with them they will normally try to help with almost anything.

Here is to hoping your dealer is top notch!!:trink39:

Moonlighting 10-16-2013 06:21 AM

We took delivery Friday and we had the same thing with the shower. But worse the main AC didn't work. It was delivered from Ohio to Myrtle Beach & we couldn't get anyone to help us from the dealer. Thank goodness it wasn't that hot out. The vent in the main bathroom doesn't open plus we have some other small issues.

I had the camper picked up yesterday by Camping World to fix the AC and address the other issues. we keep it in storage at ocean lakes campground. Jeff Couch at RV nation said he will pay the pick up & return fee if it doesn't get covered.

Salenbailey 12-01-2013 01:13 AM

376 BHOK Problems
We too had many of the same issues you all have expressed. It is weird because our friends bought a brand new RV as well and had one issue compared to our 10 or 15 in the past year. Our current issue is the reason for my writing. Has anyone had any problems with the brake line or propane line? My story so far is as follows:
We took our RV into Camping World for yet again another leak--this time in the back tank on the outside of the RV. During inspection, Camping World noticed that one of our axle's brake lines had been severed by the U bolt for the axle. The tech also noticed that the U bolt was hitting the pipe for the propane line. Both items have been fixed out of safety and necessity but now Forrest River is refusing to pay stating that we are overweight. We move our RV from Thousand Trails campsites every three weeks and weigh it at a state scale. To our knowledge we were not over weight. Camping World informed us that the cause was due to the axle, the tire, the springs, and the hub are all underrated for the weight of our trailer. They said it should have never left the factory with this size axle. They explained it like this, our trailers dry weight is 12,513 + 1,603 for carrying capacity. Our axle is rated at 6,000 but they thought our hub was rated for 5,200. If we go by the axle, we have 12,000 which means we are supposed to have 2,116 on our hitch. Camping world said that is OK but it is maxing out our pin weight if that is even the case and is an eventual safety concern. However, if we go by the hub weight, we are at 10,400 which means the pin weight would be over max at 3,716. Camping World made the comment that at that weight, we should be hauling with a semi which is not necessary or needed for the weight of our RV. They also commented that inside our rig must feel like an earth quake of 10.0. This would cause the life of this RV to sink fast which I think is the reason for many of our problems. We are still not done with the underrating though. Our springs are also a problem and a major reason for the 10.0. We only have 4. Yes, I said 4. Looking at other RV's in the area, that is a huge difference compared to their 6 for similar sized trailers. Take the Sabre for example, a cousin of Forest River, the model 36QBOK-7. This model's dry weight is less than ours (11,416) but they have 8 lug hubs, 6 springs, and I am assuming their axle is appropriate. They have a carrying capacity of 3,200, twice that of our model! I hate to think what would happen if we utilized the storage and features of our model, like a washer and dryer. We don't have the weight to be able to use this.
Sorry for the long story still in the making. Has anyone else had or noticed these issues? If so, how did your story end?

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