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wakamicamper 11-15-2009 02:31 PM

Rockwood 2010
I have just viewed the new floorplans on the Forest River site for Rockwoods. I am stunned to see that the 5th wheel trailer that we have ordered from our dealer is not on the site. It is the Rockwood 8280SS. The dealer placed the order 2 weeks ago, we have a deposit down and a trade-in at the dealer so they can sell it soon (they hope).
Should I be worried that the one we have ordered will come in as spec'd out by the dealer as a 2010, or will they try to slip in a 2009 instead?
My wife is very concerned about this, as am I. What are my options if the order is screwed up?

LadyWindrider 11-15-2009 09:22 PM

Don't know which specs you are reading, but all of Forrest River info (and other manufacturers as well), usually have a statement something like, "specifications subject to change without notice." I wouldn't worry much about Forrest River site as they have just changed from having the 2008 models displayed in the last month or so. Never did get to see my 2009 on their website. Beside, when your trailer comes in, you can check the build date and year of manufacture before you finish signing anything.

Dave_Monica 11-15-2009 09:42 PM

If they're building a new trailer for your order, it should have been ordered with a convenience package which is a mandatory option on new orders. It includes tinted windows, microwave, a/c, power awing, spare tire/carrier, alum wheels, outside speakers, serta mattress, power stab. jacks and full gel coat finish. The current Rockwood production also has black framed windows replacing the previous white framed ones.

Talk to you dealer and let us know.


wakamicamper 11-16-2009 03:43 PM

Just looking at the order form we received from the dealer and it shows that we have the Convience Package "F" with all the items you mentioned in the package with one difference, and that is Tinted Safety Glass Windows.
We had asked for Cherry Wood, with the Expresso interior color. The order also shows that the 8280 is checked off. My wife and I have switched the barrrel chairs for the new Lazy Boy recliner/swivel chairs. I just noticed on the order that the dealer missed checking the Canadian Coding on the order form. What would that be? Is that our CSA approved changes? We have a call into the dealer, but haven't heard back yet. I hope it is a delay that they are having to wait for Forest River to get back to them and not a delay to us.
I have had some problems with the dealer over items ordered at a recent RV show that were not on the order when we took in our trade-in, and had to pay extra for afterwards. They had us down for the 8280WS instead of the 8280SS which we had changed before it was ordered. The price quoted at the RV Show we found out was on the WS and because there is only one slide on the SS we asked if there was a reduction in price and were told no.
I haven't been able to verify if there is a difference, so have to take their word for it.
When they installed the 5th wheel hitch in the box of my 2009 GMC, they screwed up the factory trailer brake and it had to go in for warranty which ended up not being covered by warranty. (GMC would not cover it as a non GMC mechanic had fiddled with the housing under the bed) The dealer did pay for their mistake, but this whole purchase has been a comedy of errors.
I will let this forum know what transpires when we find out.

Dave_Monica 11-16-2009 05:30 PM

Are you ordering the trailer in Ontario or the U.S.?
If you're ordering from a dealer in the U.S. Do Not get sucked into paying for "Canadian Coding" or "CSA Coding"...that''s money for nothing. All appliances are UL and CSA approved as the market is North America. We imported our trailer in Nov. '07...a piece of cake by the way.

Are you also saying Tinted safety glass as opposed to just tinted windows? The only window option available is for storm or dual pane windows.

We're about to order a 8280WS...I've had 2 months to research while we were selling our current trailer.

I'd still be after the dealer for something in writing to say that it's a 8280SS that you've ordered.


wakamicamper 11-17-2009 01:06 PM

We heard back from our dealer (McKenzie RV in Gormley Ontario) and they say everything is ok as per our order which is the 2010 Rockwood 8280SS. On the bottom of our order sheet is a box that describes what is included in Convience Package "F", and it states Tinted Safety Glass Windows.
The dealer told me that if I want storm windows, that they can be orderd at any time. They also pointed out that since they are not permantly attached to the windows, but are portable that I could go to either Home Depot or Lowes and make my own with the kits that are available on the market. Or they would be happy to make a set up for me for a fee (of course). Also told that CDN Coding is included and that's why it doesn't show on the order. The current catalog on the Rockwood site lists Tinted Safety Glass as an option. Dealer told us that the Convience Package is standard on all orders from McKenzie Trailers. Storm Windows are also an option.

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