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the.wilsons 12-04-2013 12:20 PM

Thinking of a 395AMP
We are thinking of trading in our Wildcat on a 395AMP and just wanted to see what some real owner thought of theirs? I know there are always some lemons out there and some people are just never happy. I can't complain about our Wildcat so I do have some faith in Forest River.

Leroy2u 12-04-2013 07:41 PM

I have a 2013 395AMP that I purchased last November. We have around 36 nights lodged and just over 7k miles on the trailer.

We have only had 2 issues, the first one was one of the kitchen lights broke with Forest River sending me a replacement immediately (I installed it myself). And the second was a brake assembly, this one was a bit more difficult. AL-KO is the manufacturer of the axles and brakes. The brake disintegrated with about 3k miles into little pieces. I inspected the other 5 brakes and found them to be in great shape and deemed the other defective. So AL-KO decided to "pro-rate" the brake based and offered less than half of the repair costs. I wrote a letter to Forest River with all the information and they sent me a check at the remaining balance of the bill. This tells me a lot about them standing in for one of their suppliers. :thumbsup:

We have camped almost a 1/3 of our days in cold weather (under 30) and the trailer is warm and very comfortable. But I have to say in really hot Texas heat I wish I had the 3rd A/C in the back. The other 2 keep it "ok" but it certainly isn't as cool as the rest.

A year later now and we are very happy with the purchase and find it to be a good trailer.


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