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Tinsu 12-27-2013 01:16 PM

Newest FR Forums iPad app. (not happy)
My FR iPad app just updated to a new format which I do not like. I really do not care for the colors, and it will not load the latest response even thought I double checked the settings are set for that.

Is there any way to go back in time to the previous app? :crying:

ependydad 12-27-2013 01:25 PM

I don't know of any way to revert to the older version.

TURBS 12-27-2013 01:29 PM

Yes, I agree I wish they'd fix the refresh timeline .
Pain in the rear to close app and restart all the time.

I do however like the new app way better especially for picture loading.


Hope everyone brings in a wonderful and saphe new year!

Displaced2 12-28-2013 10:17 AM

I have that problem every time I update. Just delete app and reinstall reverts back to normal with current version.

thehamguy1 02-25-2014 06:55 PM

I noticed that not only do I not see my signature in this new app, I don't see anyone else's either. The Settings in the app don't give me any way to make them show. What gives!?!?

Also, when I start the app it comes up in portrait orientation and will not reorient itself until I pick the iPad up out of its holder, twist it to portrait position, and then return to landscape position. Even the simplest iPad app will do that automatically but not this one. It acts like it thinks it's running on an iPhone.

Overall, it's a big step backward in usefulness.

ependydad 02-25-2014 07:42 PM

TheHamGuy - the signature is something that is imposed by the 3rd party app maker. It's supposed to be speedier thinking of people on mobile data plans (not necessarily people at home on devices). But, truth be told- I hate that signatures are missing.

The app has it's own signature that you can set that adds to the post, but it is different than the forum signature.

The site admins are working with the 3rd party provider on a handful of issues.

thehamguy1 02-25-2014 07:47 PM

Good to know, thanks. I figured it was a stage of development issue, but hope my user report gives the dev team data they can use.

rawlus 02-25-2014 09:17 PM

how is the 3rd party developer determining what features make each release and what is their testing methodology for validating that a new feature improves the user experience?

i realize this is a budget-restricted project (i am assuming) but it would be prudent to find some way to better understand the needs of the user and how to prioritize those needs and build them into a release schedule than have a 3rd party work in a vacuum on "updates" they think are important but which have not been validated by the end users.

in interface design, there is no more important factor than the user experience. a focus group, beta group, survey of features being considered, etc are a number of low cost ways to identify what the user would want/like/need and likely reduce mis-steps in releases like the above where it seems the development is not aligned with the users.

not trying to be overly critical here, just offering a way to create broader adoption and acceptance of new releases because they are more targeted to actual user input.

psgrandpa1 06-03-2014 05:01 PM

Some one responded to a question...but how do I find it

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