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SurveyorWI 01-02-2014 06:27 PM

Any one purchase their Rpod from Couch Rv Nation?
I'm seriously considering trading up for the new Rpod 179? Has anyone purchased a rpod from Couch Rv Nation? I received a quote for this unit with the Rdome and the price is very competitive. The downside is they are located several states away so wanted to get others opinion on that dealer before I take the drive out there.

themounties 01-02-2014 06:42 PM

When we were looking for a new camper we drove over a few times and they were flying off the lot.

kymooses 01-03-2014 07:54 AM

A LOT of owners bought theirs from Couchs. I have rarely seen or heard of a quote in over 4 years be lower than theirs.

And I KNOW their 179 quotes are amazing, seen those several times now.

Some of us in the past have used a quote from Couchs as a bargaining tool for our local dealers so that we don't have to make the long drive!

Herk7769 01-03-2014 08:03 AM

Never bought from them; but check the dealer review forum.
There were some unhappy camper reports there.

Ida Ratherbe Camping 01-03-2014 08:48 AM

Bought from Couch. Experence was positive. If you need warranty work and call the "network". They just give you a dealers number that is close to you. Over all I would do it again.

Bryan2503S 01-03-2014 09:03 AM

A close friend bought a Vibe from them back in April, great deal, but they live 300 miles away so didn't expect anything like warranty service after the sale. No problems with unit so far.

bodie55 01-22-2014 01:07 AM

We had a good experience with our purchase from them. Helpful and friendly crew!

AquaMan 01-22-2014 07:26 AM

I'm another with a good experience. In the 2 yrs since I received my camper, it's been back to Couch's once for only minor fixes and they were fixed quickly (couple days). There was a negative review lately, but the trailer owner did work himself and was wanting to charge the dealer for his labor, without any prior approval, as I understood it. I personally like them as a dealer, I got a decent trade-in offer and a great price on a new trailer.

CincyED 01-22-2014 12:39 PM

I also had another GOOD experience at Jeff couch Rv nation, yes there has been a negative remark on forum but I think overall for as many as they sell most have been satisfied. I even looked at the 178 at the show and I believe their price included everything but the bike rack. They are a very busy and straight forward dealer with great prices and service. They don't negotiate or hound you because there prices are so good, but they definitely keep their word. I know the 178 and 179 are flying of the lot.

tanddc 01-22-2014 12:50 PM

I too had a very good experience purchasing from Couch's. We were treated quite well (and still are) and there was never any issues with warranty service (what little we needed). I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Several of their sales people (including the owner Jeff) made a point to talk to us at the Dayton RV show on Saturday, even though they knew we were not in the market (we LOVE our camper). I think that says a lot about them and the way the operate.

SurveyorWI 01-22-2014 02:08 PM

Sounds good. Appreciate the feedback. Fortunately I was able to find 3 local dealers in my area that will sell it for less than couch rv nation for the same options without the need to drive to Ohio.

CincyED 01-23-2014 07:31 AM

Sounds good hope you enjoy your new unit.

longarm quilter 04-02-2015 08:04 AM

Yes that is where I bought mine last year. Very satisfied.

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