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AirForceAngler 02-04-2014 05:38 PM

Waiting on our Grey Wolf 26BH
We ordered a new one at the St. Louis RV show last month. I guess this Cherokee forum is also for Grey Wolf TT's? Anyone else here have the 26BH? Any experiences good/bad? It sure seemed like a lot of trailer for a great price, I hope that we're not disappointed. I realize it's an entry level trailer, but I just don't want too many major hassles with leaks and such. I am handy at maintaining things and fixing most things. This will also be our 3rd TT and 5th camper overall including 2 pop ups.

greywolfguy 02-09-2014 09:47 AM

We just bought a 2014 gray wolf 26BH and we love it. We have 3 kids 7,6,4 and we have plenty of room. Tows nice and easy set up. We had ours out 5 times with no problems. The awning is my only worry. It doesn't have a way to tie it down when it is out. Overall very pleased with it.

jtstromsburg 02-09-2014 02:00 PM

We had a 28bh for Two seasons and loved it! Never had any problems and we enjoyed about 80 nights in it. Only changed to a fifth wheel after getting a better tow vehicle.

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AirForceAngler 02-09-2014 05:44 PM

Thanks for the replies! Now, if the weather would just clear up!

ridersfan 02-12-2014 04:07 PM

I have the 26DBH and used it probably 60 nights last year? Ours is the DBH, so double bed over double bed bunks... and we found that the top bunk is weak... fixed it on the spot at the lake so no big deal, but would have been handier to do at home first.

No plumbing issues, no leaks, slide worked perfect, power awning worked perfect. We are happy and would recommend (and have recommended, an acquaintance has since bought one also)

AirForceAngler 02-12-2014 07:12 PM

Yeah, I've read a couple of other places that the top bunk is weak. I"ll probably add a thicker board up there and maybe on the second bunk as well. Thanks for the reply!

00buckhunting 02-15-2014 06:00 PM

Hello I also have the 26DBH bought it last year at St Louis Rv show. Camped last year with it, only had a few miner warranty issues but dealer took care of them when, I took it back, to them one problem I had I will talk about was twice when slide was wet from rain and slide it in to go home I got water on floor inside camper after sliding in the slide. But when I return for warranty work we put on a slide topper just to prevent this from happening anymore. other than that we love are camper.

AirForceAngler 02-15-2014 06:24 PM

00buckhunting, What dealer did you buy yours from? Ours won't have a slide, so I won't have that to worry about. Our last TT did and I always worried about it leaking. The space was nice, but we can live without it.

greywolfguy 02-15-2014 06:37 PM

Ours don't have a slide but our kids are young. Our next one probley will.

00buckhunting 02-16-2014 05:02 PM

We bought from 47 west trailer sale out of troy mo. they have been good to me so far when I had questions. is that where you are getting yours

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