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brireey 06-23-2014 10:19 AM

Crusader 290 rlt
I am trying to find out the differenced between a 2011 and 2012 Crusader 290 RLT. Can anyone explain them to me? I had heard the 2011 had some issues and wanted to know if they had been corrected in 2012.
Also, I am going to full time in a 2012 Crusader 290 for one to two years, for retirement and see the US, would the Crusader be a good choice to full time in, we are not planning to be in cold climates. People talk about full timing RV's but have not heard the Crusader mentioned for full timing, is there a reason? Is the Crusader more of a recreational RV? or would I be OK. Any help woul be appreciated, I am new to the RV lifestyle.

Trailblazer 06-23-2014 02:30 PM

There were a number of issues that were addressed by Primetime when the 2011 came out. The E-Stone used on the counter tops was easily scratched and was replaced with LG Surface material. The electrical was upgraded from 30 Amp to 50 amps with pre-wire for additional AC in Bedroom where skylight is. The 50 amp service allows you to run the AC, microwave and other electrical devices without blowing the circuit breaker. Slide mechanism for living room on both side was upgraded. Fixed digital TV antennae was changed to Batwing model that can rotated to TV Towers. They also upgraded the carpet in the late model 2012 and upgraded the linoleum floor in kitchen and bathroom. As for full timing, the 290RLT does not have any hookups for washer/dryer setup. The Sanibel model by Primetime was made for those wishing to full time. They have much more storage for your clothes and other personal effects. Hope this helps in making your purchasing decisions...

volwing1 06-23-2014 03:55 PM

The first 2012's did not have the aforementioned upgrades. Still 30 amp and same countertops as 2011's.

brireey 06-23-2014 06:30 PM

Crusader 290 RLT
Thank you for the replys.
How do you like your 290 RLT, it seemed like u downsized from a Titanium.
We were originally looking at a 2007 Titanium but ended up purchasing the Crusader. We are towing with a F-350 single wheel diesel. Tows it beautifully, 17.5 mpg while towing.

rscconrad 06-23-2014 08:09 PM

I have a 14 290 and love it. To ful time my only issue would be the lack of a pantry. There is enough storage in and around the kitchen but no real pantry. I guess that's the trade off for that wide open living room. I pull with a f350 diesel dually and only get. 12 mpg. It's a. 7.3 liter however. Plus like a dates though

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volwing1 06-24-2014 06:27 AM

I tow with a F-350 6.4 and 4.10 but get 11 to 12 mpg. Your 17 mpg is the record holder! Congratulations!

camperdave825 06-24-2014 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by brireey (Post 642000)
Thank you for the replys.
How do you like your 290 RLT, it seemed like u downsized from a Titanium.
We were originally looking at a 2007 Titanium but ended up purchasing the Crusader. We are towing with a F-350 single wheel diesel. Tows it beautifully, 17.5 mpg while towing.

Did you buy your Crusader at McDonald's RV? If so, was the 2007 Titanium for sale there? I owned two Titaniums -- the last was a 2007. If Glendale was still in business I would have bought another in a heart beat. We downsized to the Crusader (not on the same level as a Titanium) but it did cut 3000#'s and over 4'. Nice setup in the living area--wife wanted cloth fabric on the furniture (2013) vs the leatherette in the 2014. It has great outside storage. Wife's happy -- all that matters

brireey 07-09-2014 09:01 AM

Not sure if you got my original reply. But I was looking at your Titanium at McDonalds RV. The salesmen told us that you had downsized to a Crusader that was leftover. Sounded like you got a good deal. We ended up buying a 2012 Crusader 290 RLS at Hemlock Hills RV in CT. It was originally bought at Mcdonalds RV, as it still had the emblem on the side of the trailer. We are curious how you would compare the Titanium to the Crusader, now that you have had it for a while? We are retiring next summer and want to full time for a year or two. We feel we got a nice unit for the size we were looking for. We are new to this and are still figuring everything out. Hope to hear back from you.

camperdave825 07-09-2014 01:07 PM

crusader RLT
I didn't see your reply. Crusader and Titanium are not in the same league. I owned two -- originally in the lower end level of construction. I don't know if they did justice in describing -- from the two stage furnace, to the mor-ryde suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, inverter, 9 cu ft refridge, hi capacity hot water heater, solid cabinetry, maxxair fan, fanatastic fan, paddle fan, thermo pane windows, day& nighr shades etc. But at 37' and 11300 # empty -- I decided to downsize (found it not possible to lower the weight in any of the middle to upper end level trailers. Looked at many (also wanted no slide on the passenger side so a full length awning could be had, 16" wheels, refrigerator not in the slide-out, fireplace, paddle fan, no island) Wife saw the fabric covered furniture (not leather as the 2014's have) and the living area floorplan of the 2013 and loved it. Not my style usually as I do much research, but I said okay. Knew nothing about Crusader or prime Time. My wife hates hearing me say "It is not a Titanium ", but I'm adjusting (good outside storage) I won't get into the deals of the post buying experiences ( not pleasant ) except to say that the owner, Karen, got the results I wanted after the third visit. Another reason for downsizing is the possibility of going to a gas job tow vehicle. I don't drive the diesel enough to do it justice. Have fun with your Crusader and enjoy the camping experience ( we have been camping since the 1970's -- yup, "an old fart"

zs325RES 07-10-2014 03:55 PM


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