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azjerry 06-30-2014 12:47 PM

Concertone questions/rants/replacement?
We have a ZX100 in our recently purchased 2007 Surveyor. We didn't get a remote or instructions with it.

What am I missing not having the remote? XBass? Anything else? It looks like I can get a remote from Concertone for $30 if needed.

AM/FM reception works well enough at home but out in the boonies is terrible. My truck's radio and the units in friends' trailers receive much better. As far as I can tell the antenna is OK.

Audio quality is lacking. I'm sure that's partly due to whatever speakers FR put in and the missing XBass function.

CD compartment door falls open when traveling down forest roads. Minorly annoying right now but can't be good over the long run.

Due to it's age, no doubt, no USB or SD card input for music.

I'm thinking about replacing it but am put off by the $700 price tag of Concertone's latest and greatest.

My wants are:
- decent radio reception
- USB/SD card stored music
- weather bands would be nice but not critical
- better audio with the stock speakers installed
- as our current TV has a built-in DVD player, DVD/Bluray with HDMI output isn't needed but might be nice to have whenever the TV gets replaced

My don't needs are"
- don't care about Bluetooth
- don't need surround sound or subwoofer

Suggestions for a replacement?

bikendan 06-30-2014 01:10 PM

if you'd looked through Concertone's website, you don't have to pay $700 for the latest/greatest.

you can get refurbed or used units for much less:

Clearance Outlet

or you can find older units on Ebay all the time.

i have the same unit in my 2007 Roo 23SS. but i'm not into needing all the latest stuff audio/video-wise, when i camp.
i camp to get away from all that and i use bluetooth headphones, when i want to listen to music.

but i agree that better speakers will make a huge improvement.

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