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Truman 09-19-2014 10:59 AM

Bedroom slide will not stay in
I have a Cedar Creek, 2011, Touring Edition 36RE 40 foot length. The bedroom slide has started to come out a couple of inches while parked with slide in and also while driving it works out further. It has Lippert hydraulic slides. I replaced the fluid and worked all three slides and landing gears several times hoping that would help but it did not. Cannot find any leaks, have not pulled floor underside to check. How would be the best way to examine the bedroom slide or are there check valves that might have trash under them? The slides do stay out without creep

arpipeliner 09-25-2014 05:13 AM

Running heavy equipment for a living. If u don't have a leak which u have looked for. I would think it would be one of two things.

1. The packing in the hyd cyclinder is bad. A knick or cut on the bands will allow the fluid to "bleed" off. It's moves around the packing. Off the top of my head u could take the cyclinder and cap or plug the fittings. If u move it that would be the problem. Can be messing if not careful and void warrenty.

2. The valve controlling the bedroom slide is faulty. Not staying fulling seated or sealed off. Possibly a shaving from a hose is in the valve. I would think it would be that as the BR is first to open and close. Find the valves and have someone close them so there is pressure on it and listen for a hiss or whine( the fluid seeping thru a small place). If it takes a while for the slide to open doubt u hear anything.

If warrenty I would really try to get them to fix it. Hope it helps. U could still have a pinhole leak on the hose that u cannot see and the fluid loss wouldn't be noticeable for a while.

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arpipeliner 09-25-2014 05:18 AM

Sorry should read ur post better. The cyclinder should be under the bed. I have to take the storage out. Just a few screws. Not hard. Then u should see it. Probably a loose fitting. Don't overtighten them. Can pm if u think I can help.

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Duckogram 09-25-2014 06:33 AM

Because you found no leaks, it's just 1 slide and it stays out. Your problem is most likely the control valve.

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