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WBmobile 10-28-2014 04:02 PM

Legacy 300 House Battery Issues?
We have had our Legacy about 6 months and have had a lot of the same issues as others in the forum. Propane regulator leaked, hot water cycles hot and cold (not resolved yet, but looks like ground wire from other posts), we lost the exhaust pipe going down the road (need to order replacement), and the latest issue is that the house batteries are not charging and completely dead. Some symptoms are: cannot start generator without holding Aux start and generator will not stay on once released. While plugged into shore power, the refrigerator and microwave are working but no lights or heater. Almost like battery disconnect switch stuck on store. Troubleshooting with, thinking a bad solenoid or bad batteries? Looks like a month out getting it in for warranty work. Anyone had similar house battery issues? Thanks in advance!

lrob 10-29-2014 12:15 PM

The generator not starting without the aux power and staying running without holding it down issue are all tied to the coach battery issue. The generator will not start or stay running if the coach batteries are not up to snuff. Once you resolve the coach battery issue, the rest of that will function as designed. When you are plugged into shore power, does the Magnum panel show that you are charging mode? What are the indicators? If your fridge and microwave are working they may be using your house batteries and causing a power draw down from the inverter. What have you checked? Is the light on the store switch lit up or stay lit when you press it? Is your coach inverting?

lrob 10-29-2014 12:26 PM

Also check to ensure that the house main battery switch is on. I made that mistake before and thought that I had an issue. The house main switch controls the power to the generator. If it is off, the generator will not run or stay running. Its like a kill switch. Another thing, the house main switch does not shut off the inverter, the only way to ensure that you cut it off, is by pressing the off button on the Magnum panel and then use the store/use switch. When I first got the coach, I thought that the store switch would kiil everything, but that is not the case after calling and talking with the factory rep. This is how it is designed:

1. House on/off switch- for battery draw from the generator only
2. Inverter control- turns on and off from the Magnum panel only.
3. Store/use switch-turns off all power in the coach but if the inverter is not turned off at the panel, the inverter will continue to run even though all the other switches are off.

I was told that it was designed this way to ensure that the user could control and ensure that the coach was turned off and not assumed it was turned off.

seems a bit confusing to me but I always turn off the generator, kill the inverter at the panel, flip the store switch then kill the house batteries with the off switch. This is my routine and I have not had any issues since doing this. When I fire it up, I do the reverse. Factory says that it is the right sequence, so I do it.

Hope this helps

WBmobile 10-31-2014 03:29 PM

Thanks Irob! Battery switch in compartment was on and no light on the store switch unless the aux was being held. We are currently putting the house batteries on a 10 day charge and will then have them tested. I will start powering down as you suggest and post back with with update. Thanks again!

lrob 10-31-2014 03:54 PM

No problem. It was helpful to me once I figured it out.

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