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Bradlo3 01-24-2015 05:14 AM

Enclosing the under belly
Would appreciate any advice on enclosing the under belly of a Grey Wolf 28BH. We like to camp year round and believe this would help insulate and protect.

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jimmyt11664 01-28-2015 03:45 AM

I used a home wall insulation, it comes in 48 sheets, foil side up, white side down, it's a 3/4 foam insulation. I used it to replace the plastic under belly cover, due to leaving the black tank flush on and flooding, actually ripped off the cover. Just a FYI NEVER LEAVE WHEN YOU FLUSH BLACK TANK. It was very stupid of me.

kerrlakelover 01-28-2015 08:28 AM

I agree with the home insulation. If your TT currently has no belly pan whatsoever, you can pick up 4x8 sheets of the black corrogated plastic (corroplast) from a plastic retailer. I just picked up a sheet for $20 locally. ($20 may have been a sweet deal since it was her last piece in stock.) While the manufacturer uses 1 solid piece, I don't see why you could not use sheets if you install it correctly. You may have to install some additional cross members (2x2 wood or angle iron) to attach it to. Then use the same kind of self tapping screws with washers that the manufacturer uses.

dcarver1987 01-28-2015 12:39 PM

Anyone have pictures of their install of insulation or corroplast?

AshnJim 02-03-2015 10:57 AM

How do enclosed underbellies work when you're going over rough roads?

arpipeliner 02-03-2015 12:00 PM

The plastic kind tuck inside the I beams and rest on that. Mine is screwed into a metal brace on front of the camper and then put the next piece on top of the ending of the first piece like shingles. The factory has 2" wooden slats where metal braces were not present. Three to four screws across each seam. It's held up great. If worrying about sagging just and another slat in the middle.

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kerrlakelover 02-03-2015 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by AshnJim (Post 776206)
How do enclosed underbellies work when you're going over rough roads?

Not sure what/why you mean by rough roads. Unless you are 4 wheeling in the mud with deep ruts, the underbelly will be fine no matter what type road you are on. I would say that if you are on a gravel road, the belly would provide some protection for your mechanical stuff that is otherwise exposed.

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