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AshnJim 02-23-2015 06:39 PM

Venting about an unhappy experience
Excuse our venting, but ....

There are only a couple of Forest River dealers in town, and finding the Rockwood we want is nigh unto impossible unless we travel farther afield. But a lot just a few miles away had a couple of Flagstaffs with Murphy beds, so even though we want a Rockwood (and the Flags weren't even the sister model), we went over to check out the Murphy bed.

In particular - and I explained this on the phone when I spoke with the salesman before we went there - we wanted to see if ~I~ could put the bed up and down. But when he showed us, he wouldn't let me do it at all. "Let your husband do it," he said, more than once. I reiterated that ~I~ need to be able to do it, but he still stood in my way and wanted Jim to do it.

I mentioned, just as friendly chat, that I've been on these forums and learned a lot, and he said, "Oh, that's too bad. Most of them don't know what they're talking about." Turns out he thought I meant the official Forest River forum, and not this one, but we were not impressed that he didn't know these forums exist.

We've been to this dealer once before, and when they never got back to us, not even a follow-up call, about the Rockwood we wanted then (and currently have), we gave up and bought it elsewhere. Alas, that dealer, though wonderful, now only sells Jayco - and when we mentioned where we'd gotten our PUP, he bad-mouthed them!

This was this dealer's second chance, and he blew it. We don't really like going to Phoenix (120 miles), or maybe Albuquerque or farther, but there is no way we'll buy from this guy after the way he treated us today. Le sigh.

Ford Idaho 02-23-2015 06:50 PM

It is sad that FR the manufacture does not have more pull with the people who sell their units.

I dislike poor service so I would be more than willing to make an overnight trip if needed to buy what I want or find a good dealer who will order and service what I want.

Poor service providers should be run out of town due to a lack of customers.

geotex1 02-23-2015 07:11 PM


Sorry for your experience! Seems so many dealers have lost their way when it comes to quality customer service!

I don't know if the data point helps you at all, my wife at 5'-6" and 115# soaking wet with bad shoulders from playing tennis back in high school and college was able to set up and stow the Murphy Bed on the 2304s models we looked at without difficulty. It was actually harder for her to work the pesky jack-knife sofa!

Best of luck to you, and it's a shame since the Flagstaff Shamrock is the sister line of the Rockwood Roo. Exact same build, come off the line one after another, and only difference is the interior fabrics.

mark0224 02-23-2015 07:38 PM

Another one of those I just want a buck people, having a good reputation should come first in business. If you have a good reputation, in business, the money will come to you.

AshnJim 02-23-2015 07:50 PM

Thanks, y'all.

X96mnn 02-23-2015 07:52 PM

Look in the bright side, you learned what they treat you like when you are trying to give you money, imagine how they would be if you have a problem.

Lot of salesmen have no clue what they are talking about, do not want an informed customer coming in and calling them on knowledge they gained from a forum.

Evereddie 02-24-2015 12:42 PM


Originally Posted by AshnJim (Post 790825)
......Turns out he thought I meant the official Forest River forum, and not this one, but we were not impressed that he didn't know these forums exist.

I didn't think there was another Forest River forum. This one is not run or operated by Forest River but the closest thing to official. ???

youroo 02-24-2015 12:51 PM


Originally Posted by Evereddie (Post 791386)
I didn't think there was another Forest River forum. This one is not run or operated by Forest River but the closest thing to official. ???

My thought as well!:thumbsup: Youroo!! :us-flag-waving:

AshnJim 02-24-2015 03:38 PM

I think he thought I meant the FROG site, where there isn't really a forum, but there are FAQs and such - and he probably meant to say that the people who post there don't know what they're talking about. Nice to diss the folks whose products you sell, eh?

The more we think about that experience, the more we think he is ~inexperienced~ with the Murphy bed models. We didn't see, but ~felt~ a huge gouge at the side of one - which would explain why he didn't want to us to put it up and down but once. We kinda doubt it came from the factory that way.

It would still behoove him to know there's an owner's group that's not affiliated - and when we told him, he pretty much ignored the info. If he'd said, "Oh, I didn't know that - what's the website?" or something, we'd have a higher opinion of him.

Kaadk 02-24-2015 04:03 PM

Sorry to hear about your experience. We've got a dealer (jayco) literally around the corner from our house who's like that. Hence why we went with the other RV dealer who's halfway across the county and now have a FR.

That dealer I know is at least aware of the existence of these forums, even if they aren't active in them. But they are pretty good about informing their customers about FROG. And it was through the FAQs on the FROG website that I found these forums. Heck, for the first few months or so I thought these were the official forums of FROG and were run by Frog Bob because of the way I found them.

I've since learned the difference but hey, either way these are some great people on here!

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