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Gingsnap 03-30-2015 10:27 AM

1st outing in 2015 Sunseeker 2300 - noisy
Well we had a wonderful time on our 1st outing. Had plenty of room for us and our 2 dogs. It did get a little crowded at night as we put out the dog beds. (we have a 84 lb Golden Retriever and a 60 Lab) I do have a question...we found it extremely noisy going down the highway. We could barely hear the radio and each other. It sounded like wind coming in from all angles. Is this the norm for a class C? Thanks for any advice as to how to give us a quieter ride

Toad Haul 03-30-2015 10:42 AM

One issue we have with our Class C is the frameless windows! There are gaps (about 1/4 - 1/2" in the rubber seals on the windows. This allows for a lot of road/wind noise to come in. I've gone around the entire rig and filled all of the gaps and it greatly reduced the noise.

Also, coming back from our maiden trip yesterday the DW spent about an hour going spot to spot throughout all of the cabinets and drawers ensuring rattles were addressed.

Gingsnap 03-30-2015 10:55 AM

Our unit has sliding windows and they are tight no air noise there. Seems to be around the door (which needs replacing) it seems to be warped it does not seal at all at the bottom..- can't believe FR did not check that- but the dealer is making it good..but the air noise is at our heads in the cab

RvBill3 03-30-2015 05:21 PM

Make sure your windows are indeed closed and latched (pull on them to make sure they don't slide open.) We had more than normal noise once and I discovered that both of the overcab bunk windows were loose. A good solid push on the latches fixed it. Not visible to the naked eye, but when pulled on they opened without "unlatching". Now I check them every so often to make sure they haven't vibrated loose.

2012 Forest River Sunseeker 2300 Chevy

Gingsnap 03-30-2015 06:48 PM

Thanks I will check but I do not think that is the issue we could not even get the windows to open and the dealer had to force them to open the noise is around the door to the coach and where the the cab and coach come to together noisy enough we could hardly talk to each other and we could not hear the radio unless it was really turned up Disappointing that FR does not inspect better for these things especially when this unit was ordered! I was expecting much more quality control ..the panel under the cabinets in the living room area is cracked in 2 places this is having to be ordered The door is flush at the top and out about 3/4 inch at the bottom That is where I think the air noise is coming in when we used the microwave moisture got between the glass and stayed fogged up for hours..but it is new and I will keep going back until it is right

bclemens 03-30-2015 08:28 PM

Weird. I ride along with the test drivers all the time to check for noises and have never experienced what you're talking about? Maybe it just needs door adjustment and its echoing in the cab area making it seem noisy there.

At what speed are we talking about?

hockeytownmom 03-30-2015 09:51 PM

The only noise I have is the dinette and a little bit of wind noise from the drivers door and slide area, but nothing bad.

GerryW 03-31-2015 03:13 PM

Noisy ride
We just returned from a month in Alabama. On the way south (from Canada) we encountered sidewinds from He;;. The cab door at the top front is slightly out and created a horrible whistle. A wad of paper pushed the gasket enough that it was acceptable. Other than that the only real contributor for noise is from the tires. The vehicle is fitted with mud/snow tires which are noisier than touring tires but coming from the frigid north I'm OK with that. When you hit smooth pavement it's very good. The door issue in this case is with Ford. FR would never detect it at normal conditions. I will see a Ford dealer soon to have it corrected. So far 5000 miles in last six months and I am very impressed with the power, less with the mileage. Twice on this trip I needed the get up and go to avoid other drivers who just didn't see me. Guess I need a bigger rig...

Malabarbob 03-31-2015 03:23 PM

Make sure the roof vents are closed all the way

edcronin01 03-31-2015 03:55 PM

On ours the entry door was letting air in while driving. Adjustment of the striker took care of that. Also make sure that door is completely closed it takes a good pull on the handle. Good luck.

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