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WannaBcamping 04-06-2015 06:38 AM

Storage ideas Roo 21RS
Needed a small travel trailer and didn't want to go bigger than 24' so that we had more site options in campgrounds. We feel we lucked in when we found a brand new 2011 Roo 21RS with full FR warranty on our dealers lot. We paid $11,200 for it including a Reese weight distribution hitch. Will pick this trailer up early May 2015.

So my question is this. Having such a small trailer we are trying to think up ways to store the things we need to bring. There are only 2 small storage compartments on the outside.

Wanting to bring the usual RV stuff, including 2x zero gravity chairs, outdoor cooktop, dining tent, smallish outdoor table for cooktop etc etc

Hoping folks with similar or same trailers have some great ideas!

ChooChooMan74 04-06-2015 07:04 AM

Welcome and congrats. I would see if your unit qualifies for the factory 2nd year warranty http://

2nd, our first unit, a Roo 21BH, we just piled it in. Not sure what we will be doing with this unit yet.

Black 04-06-2015 07:09 AM

I solved that issue many years ago,when we had our 19' hybrid.
I bought a cap for the truck can bring along all the goodies you want,store it away from the weather and keep it locked.
Now, with a bigger unit, I use it lot less, because we have lots of storage.

bikendan 04-06-2015 10:36 AM

we put our zero grav chairs and other folded chairs, on top of the folded down dinette area.
we also put the awning mat and other large items there.
but we have a truck bed to put things like bikes, generator, firewood, etc...

hotzfamily 04-06-2015 11:32 AM

We have a slightly larger unit, but limited outside storage. We, too, put our gravity chairs on the folded down dining area. For other larger items, we have to use our truck bed: grill, dining canopy (when we bring it - often don't), awning mat, wood, etc. Keeps the potentially 'dirty' stuff out of the trailer :)

rsdata 04-06-2015 11:49 AM

I have had my SHamrock 183 now for 11 months, but I have put 3 trips and one trip to FL for 10 weeks on it. Our trailer is only 19 feet long.

First thing I did was to go into all of the cabinet storage areas and I either removed or re-positioned the false walls they screw to the floor to "tidy" up the unfinished look of wiring and pipes. I gained quite a bit of small storage space just doing that. I think I removed four walls and re-positioned one or two further back.

In the winter, camping in FL, I found that taking a small canister vacuum was advantageous because of all the sand the wife and I track in. I also found that vacuum storage bags for blankets and sleeping bags were well worth the investment and I already had the vacuum cleaner to seal up the bags. The point is, when we were traveling, the folded up gravity chairs and anything bulky was in the rear of the TT hall. I screwed down a couple of eyelets from one side wall to the other side, and loosely stretched a bungee across to keep those items from traveling forward. Between the walls of the TT and the chairs I sandwiched the vacuumed bags which gives protection to the walls from scuffing while things bounce around back there.

I'm sure you are going to like your ROO... we sure loved ours this past winter, after camping in a popup for the last three winters.

chriscowles 04-06-2015 02:25 PM

I like the vacuum bag idea. I think 12v vacuums exist but may be pricey.

We have two anti-gravity chairs. I strap them to the wall with a couple of bungies, using large screw eyes placed in a position that's out of the way.

Our 21DK has a tub. Our portable gray tank rides there, wedged in with our 5 gal fresh water task.

Our Road-Trip grill rides inside on the dining bench. We have the case, to keep everything else clean. I rigged some nylon web loops to the frame of the bench and hook a nylon tie-down strap in those and around the grill, to prevent it walking around. It's big enough that it could do some damage if it for loose.

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wildwoodtraveler 04-06-2015 04:42 PM

We have a 'new to us' 2011 Wildwood 23FSB with a slideout sofa area. Lack of storage was frustrating. So far we have installed shelving in both closets by the bed and in the bathroom. Huge difference. We don't hang anything anyway. We, too, knocked out a couple of false cabinet coverings. One over the sofa where we now keep CDs, one under the stove to add a new drawer. There appears to be a false wall in the bathroom under the closet next to the water and breaker panel. Hoping to knock that out and use as space to put our dirty clothes hamper. We are also now installing drawers under the dinette seats and under the bed. I found the cabinet supplier for our model and they made perfect match drawer fronts for me. Constantly having to lift the bed for pots and pans was a real pain so we are just about ready to build and install a narrow pantry next to the refrigerator by the back door (we have two doors). It will only be about 4.5" deep but will go to the ceiling and have a door. There is no counter space in the kitchen so we are buying a wood tv tray from WalMart, removing the legs, etc. underneath and mounting by the sink with a fold down fixture. We found storage space under the sofa and will add a space to store shoes there. It's not that I want to carry more "stuff"; I just want to be able to get to it! We also replaced the queen bed with an innerspring mattress (love it) and replaced the uncomfortable jack knife sofa with a twin mattress and pillows for the back.

chriscowles 04-06-2015 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by wildwoodtraveler (Post 828025)
Constantly having to lift the bed for pots and pans was a real pain ...

Someone (here, I think) opened a cabinet door into the space under their dinette and incorporated a long plastic storage box on wheels. It was intended for under a bed, I believe. They recycled a cabinet door removed from elsewhere in the RV. The opening was open to the floor at the bottom (rather than framed all around) allowing the storage box to roll straight in and out.

WannaBcamping 04-06-2015 07:18 PM

Thanks everyone, lots of great ideas!

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