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popere 04-07-2015 11:59 AM

2015 Rockwood 2502KS Mini Lite
Hello, my wife and I have narrowed our search for a new travel trailer down to one. The Rockwood 2502KS mini lite is what we like so far. Wanted to see if anyone has any feedback positive or negative regarding this unit or Rockwood in general.

The only thing that we didn't like was the fact that when the slide is "in" you can't access the bathroom. Other than that we really like this unit.

Thanks in Advance!


Papa GLS 04-07-2015 04:37 PM

You should be able to access bathroom from rear entrance door, shouldn't you?

popere 04-07-2015 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by Papa GLS (Post 829093)
You should be able to access bathroom from rear entrance door, shouldn't you?

The slide covers 95% of the bathroom door. So it can not be accessed with the slide in.



Papa GLS 04-07-2015 07:27 PM

Glad you told us this; DW & I were considering trading our 21FBRS on the Flagstaff version.

pvillebly 04-07-2015 08:27 PM

Suggest you look for a 2502s. My wife and I love ours. Bathroom is accessible in this older model. I'm tkinking less of trading our 2010 after your input.

RShelton 04-07-2015 10:33 PM

We have the 2504s. Just starting our second season of camping with it. We love the mini lites. Fortunately we can squeeze through to the bathroom and open the fridge when the slide is in.

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GlacierGus 04-07-2015 10:59 PM

Papa GLS, the 21 FBRS is the same floor plan as my Mini Lite 2109S. On these units you can totally access the bathroom, fridge, oven and bed with the slide in. That is one of the reasons I chose this model. Every once in awhile I spend a night at a rest area or a Walmart and do not put the slide out. It is very nice to still be able to access everything.

Ps. Never mind. I miss read your posting while watching the Wild hockey game. The Wild beat Chicago in Chicago to make the playoffs.

Papa GLS 04-08-2015 04:09 AM

Totally understand GlacierGus; I am easily distracted too.
Good luck in the playoffs.

PS: We love our 21FBRS

popere 04-08-2015 08:43 AM

I think my wife and I are going to forgo the not being able to access the bathroom with the slide in issue because we love this floor plan, and haven't found anything else in the 21 to 25 foot that we like better.

Thanks Again for all of your input.


Ken K. 04-23-2015 09:39 PM

Just bought this model this week, The floor plan is pretty awesome considering the size of this TT. As for the bathroom problem, you just have to take the slide locks out and roll it out a little takes less than 2 mins. I did this while looking at it. I had them run power to it so I could see how long it would take. I to foresaw this issue. But the extra seating on the floor plan that isn't even there in larger TTs out weighs this very small concern and minor inconvenience while on the road.

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