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progolfer 04-10-2015 09:34 PM

washing the FR3
Can anyone give any suggestions for a product to wash the FR3 with? We just returned from the beach.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Meathouse 04-11-2015 10:35 AM

I posted below somewhere about washing and waxing mine. Get yourself a long washing wand with extensions on it, a good auto soap and get to it! Add in a 6' step ladder and wha-la! I always wipe/dry my cars with a nice fiber or terry towel so as to not have calcium spots left over.

Now, this is coming from a guy that brings along his own squeegee and windshield cleaner with a small ladder so that I can clean the windshield once I'm at my destination! Can't stand a dirty windshield.

Now, waxing it? Another process that takes +7 hours if done right!

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