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zs325RES 06-02-2015 04:18 PM

Crusader room slide sealing issue
Hello friends,
I thought I would share this here given that my experience is probably not unique.

We are starting our 3rd season with our 325RES and still enjoy it very much.
When looking over our rig, I noticed messy corners on the upper slide room 'flanges' when extended. The mess is also winding up on the outer seals against the outside walls, and along the top edge of the slide, as can be seen in the pic.
Investigating further, I found that that the sealing material used in the corners is moving around with the flexing of the trailer most likely when deploying the slides, or even flexing going down the road. I believe this material is 'Eternabond', which is a tough white vinyl membrane backed with a VERY sticky gray material. You can see this sealing moving around and bunching up in the first pic. When the sticky grey stuff gets exposed, it sticks to anything it touches, and these areas were starting to get quite messy looking.

Also on the first pic you can see that the sharp cut edges of the mouldings are actually cutting the seal.

I decided to remove the eternabond and clean up all of the gray stuff which revealed nice clean looking corners. This stuff is tenacious! You will need to use some kind of solvent, and plenty of paper towels. I also used a toothbrush. You can also see the sharp edges of the cut flange in the second pic.
After cleaning this up is looks to me that the application of this stuff was somewhat overkill, which is counter-intuitive for the RV industry for most of us.

I've filed the sharp edges smooth and sealed the joints with some good Geocel Proflex sealant. As you can see, the flanges themselves have some good sealant in the joint, so no worries there. I did this for the 4 top corners of the atrium slide and kitchen slide. The Schwintek bedroom slide corners (factory prepared the same way) look quite good yet, so it appears that this room doesn't flex like the other two larger rooms.
This cleaned it up a lot IMO, and it was just a matter of time before the factory job simply failed.

I'm sure fellow Crusader owners will see the same on your rigs, and there's no telling how many other FR products use the same sealing techniques.

Crusaderguy 06-03-2015 02:09 AM

Crusader Slides
Thanks for the info zs325Res......The 4 corners of my Crusader 290RLT looked just like you show in your first picture. After getting mine all cleaned up as you did, I installed new Eternabond just like the factory did. It looked really good but after about 10 trips it moved around and wrinkled again just as you show in your first picture. I now plan to redo it as you did and hopefully mine will look as good as you show in the second picture.

Another problem I had was the slide seals at those corners were attached to the side of the RV using round headed screws. Eventually the round heads punched a hole thru the slide seal. So I replaced all the round headed screws with flat headed screws.

Platokidd 06-04-2015 08:33 AM

Had the same issue on my lacrosse. I replaced the tape on 1 slide and so far it's holding nicely.

What got me is how many loose and bad screws I had across the roof of my slides.

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