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Leatherman 06-21-2015 01:36 PM

New Owner Solaire 201SS
Hello All,

My wife and I just purchased a new 201SS from a dealer in Northern VA. It is our first TT. We pick it up on July 3 and will have our orientation at the same time.

I have to tell you that it's great to see such an active list for these trailers. The wealth of knowledge is overwelming and feel confident that my questions and concerns would be quickly addressed by members. I just spent 2 hours reading over misc. posts.

So far, no questions. We have planned our first trip the last weekend in July to a local campground as our trial run with the setup, connections, etc.

If there is anything anyone wants to share to ensure they go over at our orientation on the day of pickup, please share!


aceinspp 06-21-2015 02:17 PM

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your new rig:signhavefun: Later RJD :trink39:

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