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craignhouston 07-21-2015 01:51 PM

Need advice regarding recent accident
Hello, the worst thing happened this weekend on the road . A tire of a minivan next to us on the interstate blew out and the inexperienced driver panicked and lost control. we tried to get out of her way but was unsuccessful. She hit our 2015 Vibe on the driver side where the slide out is right over the axels, causing both our axels to shift, tires and wheels destroyed. The trailer flexed to the right nearly tipping over. Luckily we were not injured and no damage to our 2500 ram.

Not only noticed the damage to where she directly hit, but also damage to wheel well on opposite side where the axels shifted. Our electric tongue jack would not work after the accident when trying to disconnect to have unit towed, but there was electricity to the trailer, as the stabilizer jacks would operate and the tail lights were still functioning.
waiting for the insurance adjuster to call me but would like some input from anyone with the unfortunate experience of being in an accident.


1.besides the obvious direct damage, should I be concerned about internal damage due to the way the trailer nearly overturned? The last thing we want is for them to fix the obvious damage, then get the unit back and our first camp after to have internal issues, leaks etc. occur. I can already envision the washing of the insurance hands from responsibility of these less obvious issues. I am thinking about the non-functioning electric tongue jack that is far from the site of the "damage"

2. we had several long weekend, and 1 week long vacation planned in the next two months. Is the at fault's insurance responsible for providing us a rental so we are not inconvenienced for the next few months?

3. our dishes, coffee pot fell out of cabinets and broke. Are they obligated to replace these items?

4. Should I get an attorney?

bottom line, we are new to this and I have quickly realized an rv is not as simple as an auto accident, where one drives a rental car for a few weeks while the car is fixed. This could take months

Any advice greatly appreciated.


Yorkranchgalnguy 07-21-2015 02:03 PM

Have a trusted rv shop examine unit and write report as to wether it should be totalled . It may be better to have insurance replace rather than try to fix it. Your report should address hidden damage.

Herk7769 07-21-2015 02:09 PM

I agree; severe camper damage is usually a total due to ultralite frames.

DuncanM 07-21-2015 02:15 PM

I agree, should be a total write off, don't think i would trust it after what happened. All damaged contents should also be covered for replacement as well.

stealthWA2313 07-21-2015 02:21 PM

OP you are opening a Pandora's Box when asking insurance related questions. So many states have different regulations regarding insurance claims there is probably nobody here who could accurately answer your question...but many may try:)

A blowout by itself does not assume liability. You will have to prove that she was either driving on defective equipment, or reacted in an unsafe or unreasonable manner after the blowout. Sometimes blowouts happen and are unavoidable. I read your description of events, but can guarantee that will not be the same account that the young lady or her insurance agree to. Unfortunately you may need consult an actual insurance professional to get the best information possible.

Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope it works out for you, and you can find the solution you are looking for. Maybe more qualified individuals can chime in on this.

clr 07-21-2015 02:35 PM

I would say in the first round let your insurance company take care of this, but keep in contact with them and keep an eye on them. But the heavy lifting here should be on your insurance company.

phillyg 07-21-2015 04:49 PM

The amount of described damage would have me thinking of replacement rather than repair.

aceinspp 07-21-2015 05:39 PM

Don't be quick to settle. Later RJD :trink39:

rsdata 07-21-2015 06:00 PM


I would say in the first round let your insurance company take care of this, but keep in contact with them and keep an eye on them. But the heavy lifting here should be on your insurance company.

IronCobra 07-21-2015 09:56 PM

Do you have any pictures of the damage you can post? We just took delivery of our 2016 Vibe and I would be interested in seeing how that type of accident actually damages the trailer. If you don't mind that is.

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