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drhroo 08-10-2015 09:37 PM

Fuse amperage
I was checking over the fuses to make sure we have "extras" on hand and found the amperage doesn't necessarily coincide with the manufacturers directions. We have recently purchased a Roo 2016 IKSS23. The DC wiring instructions labeling clearly states fuses 1-9 are rated for a max of 20 Adc fuses and fuses 10 and 11 are rated for a maximum of 30 Adc. In checking over our fuses, we have noted that fuses 1-9 have all 15 amp except #7, which is 7.5. So good, none of those are above the maximum level and I am assuming we should never replace with anything higher than the original amps. Correct?

However, fuse 10 or 11 (can't remember which or maybe both) is 40 amps, which is higher than the manufacturers recommendations. Should this (or these)be changed to 30 amps? Maybe this will affect our warranty if any issues come up?

One last thing: the white labeling strip to the right of the fuses read:
#1 (blank), #2 15 amp porch, #3 15 amp kitchen, #4 15 amp bath, #5 15 amp refer furn, #6 15 amp living room, #7 7.5 amp(this one is handwritten)either AL or AC (we are thinking air conditioner?), #8 15 amp TV Boost, #9 15 amp Radio, #10 30 amp HHT or HHJ (what does this represent?), #11 (blank)

I know a lot of questions in one thread. . . thanks!!

drhroo 08-11-2015 12:45 PM

Are our fuse amperages correct for our 2016 23IKSS?
Anyone have insights on this? Our biggest concern is that it came to us with 40 amp fuses were the spec says they should be 30.

Jimandchris 08-11-2015 01:56 PM

Not sure what HHT is. Do you have heated tank pads?

drhroo 08-11-2015 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by Jimandchris (Post 950708)
Not sure what HHT is. Do you have heated tank pads?

Yes, we do.

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