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doneuald 08-18-2015 11:18 AM

SPEED and places to stay
Good day everyone
I'm just wondering about something, my DW and I just did a 2500 mile trip from Thunder Bay Ontario Canada to Cincinnati Ohio and back in 11 days.
The weather was in the low 90's and the highways were interstate IE rough in some spots but for the most part good.
Now comes the jest of the post if ST tires are only rated for 65 MPH why am I the slowest on the road running 62? are people in that much of a hurry to get there that they think doing the speed of light in the speed of sound zone is called for, at least well except for about 5 MH's and trailers i was passed at relativity high speed all the time and and as I could see only about 6 trailers were being pulled by transporters.
And is it normal to have to prepay for gas everywhere below Wisconsin?
come on I'm in a truck pulling a TT am I really going to pump and dash?
Reminds me of a friend who's dog ran away in Saskatchewan Canada
" I watched him run for 3 days then went and picked him up"

stayed at some great CG's some not so much

Chetek River CG in Wisconsin - 7/10 -
Power and water
packed on saturday night, had to get the staff to come move people from our site before we could back in , the family across the way from us totally awesome and sent their son to the office to get the attendant to come and move people
the bad - they rent pedal carts there an while travelling through the CG you constantly have to watch that the kids are not trying to pass while you are slowly travelling down the narrow winding roads between trees and trailers and cars, trucks and people, pine trees ( yes trees twice they are really on the edge of the winding road) the DW was having a fit trying to watch for everyone moving around

Hickory Hollow CG - Utica Ill - 9.5/10 - Very clean, pleasant and free WIFI at your site
If stopping by ask for C6 and look out on the field next door
I would stay here again no problem

Hueston Woods State park - College Corner Ohio - 8/10 - power, water to fill tank close by as well as wash house and toilets
good site, this park is a far distance from main roads Hwy 127 is 7 miles from the park and approximately 8 miles from Camden Ohio
if going by GPS depending on how it's set it could take you across country to get there
the park is huge and we never did drive around it
We would stay there again
squeeky swings ( yes spray butter is a lubricant) - I got a standing ovation and applause from the surrounding campers when I backed the truck across the field and stood on the back to spray the hinges to stop the squeeking! I could hear it over the A/C in the trailer

We stayed at the same CG's on the way back home

Hope this helps someone in there travells.
used passport America as much as possible and was happy with the discount made my money back and a little more!
happy travels
Don :campfire:

spock123 08-19-2015 06:02 PM

I like to pass cars but pulling the camper I hardly ever pass anyone, I get the shakes I like to pass everyone but can't because I run at 60

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doc73 08-19-2015 06:06 PM

I run 60 to 62. I also learned the prepay thing. I was told unless I had a fleet card the truck diesel lanes were prepay only. They even made us leave the cc with them a few times. Weird.. Guess I was used to the credit card being a swipe and go as well.

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arpipeliner 08-21-2015 08:19 PM

Most places make the clerk pay the fuel bill if someone drives off. Once a day and you are working for free.

My truck with extra fuel tank can hold 130 gallons. Learned to just carry cash or card in. Get pissed when they stop the pump at $100. After second time they don't want to allow the card. Stay with major chains and in the 18 wheeler station to avoid this if I am buying it.

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spock123 08-22-2015 01:07 PM

I get 5% off my card but only if the card is swiped

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spock123 08-31-2015 09:01 AM

I took a trip to Yellowstone in 08 in a travel trailer and I drove 55mph there and back, I passed two people on the whole trip

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