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mudman2 08-22-2015 07:45 PM

Aframe water questions
I'm coming up to my one year warranty and have some items in my t19qbhw I haven't used yet an am wondering if I can check these out in my driveway. 1st off I've been out 6 times so far and haven't had any major issues. I've never filled or hooked up to water so I've never tried the system out. I don't know if the hot water heater works. I've never used the sink or the cooktop. I've used the ac the heat pump
the radio ,microwave all outlets the fantastic fan, fridge on electric only. I have dual propane tanks that I've never turned on. So you see I probably have a few items I should try out before my warranty is up any suggestions would be greatly appreciated we're going out in another 2 weeks for another 3 dayer electric on site. Thanks in advance. 😀

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DobeFanatic 08-23-2015 06:32 PM

You can test the propane for the range and the city water connection from your own hose. For the propane tank, remember "righty=tighty, Lefty-loosy". Turn valve till it stops to open. Get a small propane lighter, like for a bbq grill, turn on one stove burner and keep the lighter flame over the burner till ignites, then do same for other two. Remember you must have an open window when burning propane at the stove, or it will suck all the oxygen from the surrounding camp air.
For city water, first open the grey water drain cover outside of camper, attach hose outside camper to city water connection and turn on hose. Inside camper, open first the cold, then the hot faucets, allow all air to escape each faucet so you have a steady stream. Keep the hot side running 3-4 minutes which allows it to fill the water heater tank, 6 gallon capacity usually, then look for the switch under the bench that has a little light cover next to it, that is the hot water heater ignition, switch it on and wait about 20 minutes for tank to heat up. You need battery hookup for that switch to work. Your overhead lights are on battery too as you probably already know. Others can chime in on how to test the furnace, A/C as you may need more than battery power for those. Turn off propane bottle when all done checking and remove one battery lead for storage as the CO detector will draw power otherwise.

mudman2 08-23-2015 07:25 PM

Thanks for the rundown. I keep the unit hooked to a battery tender. Works great so far.

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