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Talbottate 09-02-2015 08:47 PM

New camper
Hi there from PEI Canada. I just bout a new wildwood forest river camper and was wondering what kind of camper I am getting. Thanks

Mrs Evans 09-02-2015 08:59 PM


Only you will know what kind of trailer you actually have ;) However, I can safely say that I love my Wildwood 231 travel trailer :D

Hope you get to enjoy yours soon! :campfire:

aceinspp 09-03-2015 08:50 PM

Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your new camper. :signhavefun: Later RJD

Iwannacamp 09-03-2015 09:02 PM

Hello and welcome from Arkansas.

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kennyairport 09-03-2015 09:17 PM


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